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In the Sunday Statesman, Kevin Richert writes about Sali's No votes. Although he doesn't cite you or Mountain Goat, I gotta believe that your postings influenced his stories.

As somebody commented on your Kos diary, it's important for someone to keep track of Sali's votes to reveal his priorities. You and MG are doing important work, and it looks like the MSM might be following along.

Irwin Horowitz

And for those interested in reading Kevin's column online (and trust me, you do), here is the link:

Julie in Boise

Thanks, Alan. I had the same feeling, and since I know Kevin reads the blogs ...

It's an important column, and since more people will see it than see our blogs, good on him.

Collecting the info is the first part of our work. The second part will be getting it in front of the 98% of Idaho voters who don't read blogs.

Julie in Boise

Addendum: At this point, I doubt if more than 10 percent of Idaho voters read the daily paper, either.

What we'll really need next year are some radio and TV ads and direct mail featuring these votes. It's not too early to start donating to the Act Blue account for the ID-01 Dem nominee:


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