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It's too bad, but the statement most apt for Idaho Democratic Party leadership is this:

"The Democratic leadership and the liberal intelligensia seemed pathetic and exhausted, wedded to musty ideals of bipartisanship and decorousness."

Think of it. Jaquet, Stennett: After obligatory press conferences about a Democratic Agenda just before the session, and a totally predictable outcome on a minimum wage bill they disappear. They don't even object to the profligate spending to remodel and expand the Capitol buliding.

It's great that we picked up several House seats in Boise last November, but then the Democratic Party sat back and let the Republicans and the news media paint the change as actually making the Idaho Legislature more conservative. In fact, they should have been pointing out the Republican caucus is more conservative and out of step with the needs in Idaho, especially the Treasure Valley.


I think one of the key contributions of lefty bloggers is debunking the bogus stories the right wing spins off to discredit Dems. We get facts out there and it makes it much more difficult for the MSM to just parrot the right wing talking points.

Julie in Boise

Word, Bernard. Idaho Democratic leadership needs to be a lot louder. I have hopes that under John Foster, it wil be.

The highwater mark of Idaho Dem feistiness (other than Branden D's rowdiness in the legislature) came last summer when the Dems made a huge fuss about the Risch tax shift. The press conference at the Depot about Risch "railroading" the tax through ... Larry LaRocco's "Jimmy Pennies" ... all good stuff. Just not enough of it.

About two years ago, the state Dems had a really good radio ad campaign, too. I'm glad the party is spending money on staff and polling, because those investments will pay off. But we need more media, as well, perhaps especially in this off-year. We need to be defining ourselves on the airwaves, not just here on the net.

We also need to do suprising things once in a while. Backing Butch Otter's grocery tax cut would've been one such thing. Democrats are supposed to stand for the neediest among us. But we were painted into a corner by candidates who campaigned on eliminating the grocery tax.

Alan, you are absolutely right, too. But we need to do even better in driving the news agenda here in Idaho. That's what the Sali vote archive is all about - and it's working. And if we all keep asking where (and what) Dan Popkey is hiding re: his four-monthy-long special assignment on Larry Craig, maybe we'll get somewhere on that, too.

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