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Irwin Horowitz

Now...now, Julie, no need to get petulant. I'm sure you don't really mean what you say at the end here, and lest we forget, ol' Butch is one of them Republican govs (you don't want a disaster to befall Idaho, do you?).

Julie Fanselow

No, Irwin, I didn't mean that I'm wishing for disasters! I mean that when they happen, let's hope they are in GOP-led states so the victims get prompt attention from the White House.

Just a little snark, poking fun at the sniping between Tony Snow and Kathleen Sebelius yesterday, as well as at the White House's neglect of Louisiana (but not Trent Lott's house) after Katrina.

Sorry if my point was misconstrued.

sharon fisher

Trent Lott's house was in Mississippi, no?

sharon fisher

Trent Lott's house was in Mississippi, no?

Julie in Boise

Um, yes. That's my point. Mississippi has a republican governor.

As far as I'm concerned, this was the low point of Bush's presidency:


sharon fisher

got it, and sorry for the duplicate posting. couldn't figure out how to delete it.

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