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I'm a supporter of LaRocco, but what happened last year with his campaign? I was expecting a win or a closer loss.

Jill Kuraitis

LaRocco is a wise man.

Selina in Lewiston

Hi Julie - Happy to discover your blog. I recently moved back to Idaho after 6 years back in Seattle.

I worked for the Dems here in the 1st CD in '94 ... don't you think lingering issues about the scandal that broke in the last few days before election '94 hurt LaRocco in '06, and are likely to hurt him in a Senate bid? It involved a sex discrimination case from circa 1990 (in which he was the non-penalized half of two colleagues who had an affair in violation of company policy - the woman got fired by their superiors), but was widely mis-reported as a sex harassment case ... because the story broke seven to ten days before Election Day (if I recall right), the campaign never really had a chance to clear things up (well, it may have had a chance if it had gone rapidly and aggressively on defense, but it didn't).

I wasn't paying attention to the Idaho Lt. Gov's race last year from Seattle ... has this issue been openly taken on and cleared up? I think many voters who were around in '94 probably just remember that there was a scandal that was unseemly and reflected poorly on his character, but don't really remember the details, and the recollection that they do have was based on erroneous reporting (thanks, KHQ-6, Spokane!)

Larry is extremely knowledgeable about a wide range of policy issues and has been (and could be again) an articulate and effective representative for Idahoans' interests in DC (especially with Dems in control - in the House, he was an effective moderating influence on the Caucus in some respects that were important to Idahoans and an able representative of western values) ... I'm just concerned that collective dim and inaccurate recollection of a past scandal will doom him from the start ... he's gotta hang a lantern on this one and put it to bed!


There could be a primary - what about Alan Shealy for Senate. I think he could really bring some new blood to the party and the race.

Julie in Boise

Thanks for the comments, y'all.

Jessica, read my diary at Kos where I talk a bit more about what happened in the lt gov race last year. Bottom line: He got in too late and ran against grandstanding temporary governor Jim Risch.

Jill, that's sweet. Politics is fun, and I am glad to be useful.

Selina, I'm glad you've found RSR. Welcome back to Idaho! I think Larry recognizes that the 1994 story continues to be "out there." The issue was extensively rehashed last month at Daily Kos, a week before Larry's announcement:


From what I've seen, the 1994 episode - which apparently occurred when he and Chris were temporarily separated - was a blip on what's otherwise been a great record of public service.

I expect Larry to be forthright about this and all other matters related to his campaign. Can we say the sitting senator has been equally candid about his personal life?

Julie in Boise

Judy, it puzzles me that Shealy doesn't know whether he wants to run as a Democrat or a Republican.

I'm all for new blood, believe me, but that strikes me as opportunism.

The Nickel-Plated JA

Shealy has all sorts of political problems right now...

The Kevin Richert story about Shealy being the first person wanting to run for Senate to escape paperwork.

The Boise Weekly piece about Shealy being basically a Bostonian trying to export part of the Big Dig to Boise.

And, of course, Shealy charting the one course on the Ten Commandments issue guaranteed to draw fire from the base of BOTH parties -- Dems because he didn't want to fight Fred Phelps in court, and Rubs because he wound up leading the efforts to remove the monument in the first place.

Why the person who is arguably the LEAST electable man in the entire state right now would run for Senate is mind-boggling... that we would consider, as Democrats, welcoming him into our midst is absurd!


I know you'll do a great job, Julie.

Tara Rowe

Congrats, Julie! And more importantly congrats to LaRocco!


great! good luck!

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