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Irwin Horowitz

These are also the same a-holes who come onto college campuses to spew their vitriol. They had made several visits to WSU while I was there a few years ago.

I had considered that an appropriate response to them on these occasions would be to point at them and laugh your heads off. Of course, this would not be appropriate at a funeral for one of our fallen soldiers, but perhaps in a less solemn setting this could be a strategy to implement?

Byron Heath

I'm not usually a violent person, but I think this group of lunatics could use a couple good knocks on the head. Besides their blantant disrespect for the honorable dead and their message that we should all be gay-haters, the fools are protesting at an LDS funeral. News Flash: The Mormons don't think homosexual relations are appropriate either, and they don't hide it.

Irwin Horowitz


That is exactly how they want people to respond to them...somehow in their eyes it makes them feel more "godly." I suspect that ridicule is a far more potent weapon to wield than hatred and anger.


Rev. Fred really does test the inalienable right to stupidity, doesn't he? In my humble opinion, he has more in common with Osama's crowd than anyone.


The Phelps clan also came to Boise to protest at a YFFN event. At that time, a group of people dressed as “angels” in long white robes with extended sleeves that were held aloft with short sticks in the angels hands. In that way , the angels formed a visual screen around the event and made the protesters presence almost insignificant. Perhaps someone on Pocatello could offer something like this to the bereaved family.

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