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Irwin Horowitz


May I suggest for the next two live blogs that you first solicit questions that the Congressman can put together responses offline that are then posted at the start of the sessions? I would imagine that it is a challenge for one person to type fast enough to respond to the inquiries from a group of bloggers...if he can pre-answer some questions, he can focus more on some followups that can be posted.

Julie in Boise


Thanks for the suggestion, but the whole rationale behind a live blog is to see how candidates think on their feet. Having pioneered this with the Grant race last year, I think of live blogs as virtual town hall meetings. It's true some questions are vetted at such forums, but candidates still have to answer quickly, so you can really get a sense of how they think.

Granted, it takes longer to type than to talk, and people have to wait around a while (or come back) to get their answers. But I think Larry did very well indeed, answering 10 questions in an hour.

Julie Fanselow


The full transcript of tonight's live blog, for any of you who want to read it.

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