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Irwin Horowitz

On Friday, the Boise Astronomical Society will have a presentation by Chris Anderson from the Herrett Center at CSI in Twin Falls. He will talk about the Hubble Space Telescope, both past achievements as well as future plans. The meeting begins at 7 p.m. in Classroom B of the Discovery Center of Idaho at 131 Myrtle St. in Boise (around the back of the building). The talk will begin after a brief business meeting. The event is free to the public, though interested individuals and families are most welcome to join the club.


On Saturday, May 12th, at 2:00pm at ISU in the Holt Arena, I will be graduating!

David Erin Anthony

You brought back memories for me of growing up just outside of Warren, PA. I remember going to the A&P. I also remember getting excited about collecting the green stamps and wondering what I was going to get with all those stamps! I grew up in Rogertown and it didn't There is something to be said about small towns.

Tara Rowe

What a wonderful start to the week! I love libraries--I suppose that isn't a surprise to anyone that knows me. In fact when I was interviewed recently for an article in a campus publication the woman asked me where my favorite place is in Pocatello. Well, that's easy, the Marshall Public Library. What a nerd I am! The public library in Burley isn't that great, Declo isn't big enough for a library other than the one I had at my house, and prior to those destinations I lived in a small community that only had a Book-Mobile. Come to think of it I really liked the traveling library. Nowadays I just live at the ISU library, not that it is my favorite, but it certainly is my home away from home.

Julie in Boise

Irwin, as a former longtime TF resident, I know of Chris and know he will be worth hearing.

Jessica, that is indeed a MAJOR event. Congratulations!

David, now you're bringing back memories! We collected Green Stamps, too. My mom would give me a book for every five I filled for her, or something like that. I once cashed in my stamps on Lillian Roxon's Rock Encyclopedia. The copyright is 1971, though I probably got it a year or two after that. Man, am I dating myself here.

I still have the book, with all my scribbles adding to the entries. (Rolling Stones: Brian Jones replaced by Mick Taylor.) It's pretty cool, actually, like a window into my 12-year-old soul.

Julie in Boise

I hear you, Tara. I am a major library nerd, too.
When we moved to Boise from Twin, I got my library card here before we closed on our house. Priorities, you know?

But I much preferred the Twin Falls Public Library to the Boise library, which was converted from a warehouse - and looks and sounds like it. That's why I think I just may take a shine to this little branch.

I also hear Nampa has a great library. Nampaites, what say you? I've never been inside.


I've been to the Nampa library that is downtown right THERE by the railroad tracks. It's in an old building but that works for me. It's nice.

When I was in Cleveland for a time, the downtown library was absolutely wonderful with wooden arches and alcoves. The new one (which is right next door) is just a sterile monstrosity.

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