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sharon fisher

And note that he's from the Land of 21, where supposedly there are no Democrats. :)

I'm concerned, though, to read in the article that the national Obama organization doesn't associate with Idaho's. What's up with that?

Julie in Boise

That's standard boilerplate, and not exactly accurate. I believe the national campaign actually overnighted a DVD to the local organizers before the March kickoff event, so they're definitely in touch.

But officially, local groups are unofficial - it's mainly just to give the campaign some distance from any zany stuff the local chapters decide to do. This is true for all campaigns, as far as I know - a bit of a change from the Dean days, when local grassroots leaders had more direct contact with the campaign. (I have my official Dean "You have the power!" pen, Grassroots Leader button, and Iowa Perfect Storm cap to prove it ...)

The Statesman also continues to print the fiction that Idahoans for Obama are raising money to bring the senator here. They're actually just raising money for the campaign in general.

Still, it was a good article. I note that Reggie doesn't actually cop to being a Democrat, but a Kuna High grad being for Obama has a nice ring to it.

Sharon, speaking of 21, you've met your new district chair, right?


Hey Julie, it's late and I just got back from the fullmoon drumcircle[what fun] and thought I'd post this little message in response to Sharon. The national blogger for the Obama campaign's "students for Barack Obama" has picked up the story. So, I guess they do associate themselves with us. In fact, I'm the one that told Swindell that we are not associated with the campaign or vice versa. Guess I was wrong, here's the link; check it out for yourself: http://students.barackobama.com/page/content/sfbohome


Julie Fanselow

Yay, Reggie! That's a great story, and it's super to see that students nationwide will know Barack has energetic backing in Idaho.

Also of note: Michael Deeds writes on Eventful.com and its Demand feature in his Scene column today, and says that Obama is still the top demand in Boise.


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