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Looks to me he is trying to get back into good graces with the ruling elite. I have little faith that the powers that be at the paper are going to let him publish his findings, in or out of the closet. I'd just like it to be over, one way or t'other. Too many Democrats spin their frickin' wheels on this issue. It wastes too much time and resources.

Julie in Boise


It definitely isn't just Democrats spinning their wheels. I'd argue that the Republicans have more at stake in this. Jim Risch especially can't wait to see what Craig decides to do.

Re: your first comment, today's column definitely was a valentine to Mike Simpson, in any case.


I too was left a bit befuddled by today's column. As much as I love having Popkey back, I was sort of expecting something less, um, fluffy. Maybe this is the soft return before the big punch?

Julie in Boise

The other shoe, so to speak ... we shall see ...


I just chatted with one of my Republican contacts who reports that there was a face to face between the publisher and the Senator who alleged that Mr. Popkey's tactics verged on stalking/harassment. Was this the result? What up Statesman? Are you going to shed light on this? We heard that you might still have an investigative journalist over there. What did he find?

Julie I'm not talking about the jockeying for position over the political fallout. Both parties are legitmately interested in whether this will be an open seat. But I've actually heard Dems say in the last three elections they'll win this seat on that single issue. I'm all for exposing hypocrisy but shall we keep our eye on the prize rather than the mildly relevant sideshow.

Julie Fanselow

Sisyphus, thanks for clarifying. I agree. Democrats can't pin their hopes on this - and from what I can see, LaRocco isn't. (Disclosure, as usual: I am on LaRocco's staff.)

Very interesting about the purported meeting. It seems clear that after four months off his usual beat, Mr Popkey knows things he is not reporting, for whatever reason. I'd hope the Statesman wouldn't bow to pressure to silence his efforts.


I had heard the Statesman bowed to pressure once before on this. I would suspect that the whole thing is or has been carefully vetted by lawyers and they'll make the call. I don't any responsible news organization would back off just because a reporter is persistent and the subject calls it "stalking." I think if there had been nothing there but whisps of smoke, Popkey would have been home writing about the legislature three months ago. The issue is what is verifiable and worth reporting. From a Democratic standpoint, Craig has voted and maneuvered against the interests of this region for so long, his personal life shouldn't be what puts him into retirement. (One caveat here: I have very good friends who insist that if there is an outing to be done, it should on the basis of his votes against workplace protections.) We have a job to do and that is educate voters that Craig has sold them out repeatedly. I am hearing some serious rumblings from all areas of the political spectrum that Craig's stance on amnesty is spectacularly unpopular here. THAT could be what tips him into a new job as a wealthy lobbyist.


I am not a big fan of outing, as it plays into the idea that being gay is somehow wrong, but hoping that Craig can be defeated based on his voting record is just not realistic to me. Unfortunately, it would take a bombshell, such as Craig being in the closet, to defeat him. I'd love to be proven wrong though.

Kurt Marko

If the Statesman/McClatchy is bowing to GOP pressure, I'm sure there are plenty of other political news outlets (e.g. Hotline, Roll Call, The Hill, etc.) who would be happy to run with the story.


ak, you referenced a "responsible news organization". What is this rno of which you write? Where can I find such a beast? I've heard tell of these and a place they are supposed to have in our democracy. But for me they are but wisps of memory associated with terms like "Watergate" and "Cronkite".

And the issue is relelvant because Craig for years has been voting lockstep with the R agenda including legislation that continues to keep gays in a second class citizen status. There should be nothing "wrong" with being gay but a gay man voting consistently to deprive homosexuals of the full rights of citizenship while foisting a heterosexual front to make himself voter palatable is much more wrong. That legislation perpetuates and ensconces in our society that being gay is "wrong" accomplished by one of their own. I find it odious.

Hypocrisy and duplicity are not traits most people seek in their political leaders. Voters are particularly unmerciful when they find they have been the victims of these machinations. Again, I don't know if the man is gay but I'd sure like the issue to be resolved one way or the other. If Popkey came up empty it should be reported. If its unclear that should be reported as well. But it really shouldn't be suppressed.

Julie Fanselow

Sis, as a J-school grad, I can understand why the Statesman does not want to legitimize a blogger who had no one willing to state their names on the record last fall. So if Popkey came up empty, what would they report: that he attempted to verify a blog report that Larry Craig is gay, but was unable to do so?

I agree voters deserve to know if someone who has consistently voted against gay people is himself gay. But as I said at Daily Kos many months ago, Popkey also needed to spend some of those untold months looking into Craig's lack of oversight while head of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.


Absolutely. Its newsworthy.
Guy makes an allegation and a reporter investigates the basis for the allegation, finds nothing, it ought to be disclosed. I think they owe it to the senator that he's been scrutinized and there's no basis for the rumor. My guess though is that he found a mixed bag. Still newsworthy? I think so. As one outlet puts it, they report, we decide.

No argument here Julie. I'm astounded the lack of pertinent information, necessary for a democracy to work, contained in the Statesman. Its hard not to be cynical about the state of the media today. They treat the readership as spoiled children giving them what they want rather than what they need. It results in an electorate that's apathetic, uninformed, petulant and very amenable to the visceral pursuasion contained in thirty second sound bites.

Paul Idaho

Since you were able to enterview 41 members of Senator
Craig's fraternaty, could you interview 41 men arrested by Dave Karsnia so we could determine if entrapment is or is not occuring?

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