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David Erin Anthony

From what I heard regarding the debate the first break from the party took place from Giuliani's camp. He did not follow along like some lemming on the issue of abortion.
And for the lecture I believe Justice Johnson gave a wonderful lecture. I am embarrased I had not attended any previous lectures. Good to see you again Julie!


My take:
Mitt Romney looked good and relaxed.
Guiliani took "abuse" on abortion but explained himself somewhat.
McCain looked and sounded angry, "follow Osama to the gates of hell" then smiles a crooked smile. Strange.

I hate to say it, but I actually liked SOME of what Ron Paul said...very anti-war. But also wants to dismantle the IRS and hates govmt in general, so...


Seems ironic to me that some of these contenders are not mocked by the media with the same enthusiasm that has been directed towards Mike Gravel. What a bunch of kooks.

I thought Romney looked slick (literally, his hair was almost dripping) and acted inappropriately cavalier at times. McCain is having some kind of melt down and looks and acts ancient. Giuliani can't answers a question without saying "9-11" .

Ron Paul certainly was the only one willing to stick his neck out with notions contrary to the GOP line. I always wonder about his district, he seems to be the real maverick. McCain looks like a Shetland pony next to that.

I'm really disgusted with the format though, and the questions stink! Chris Matthews can't decide if he is a journalist, comedian or talk show host. I wish for a real debate, with responses back and forth among the candidates. Oooooh and I get soooo irritated when, 18 months out, the “pundits” start talking about who should be eliminated from the debates to give the “top tier” candidates more time. Hogwash!

I’m still with Kang and Kodos “we’re doomed” with the current political dichotomy. Tank goodness folks like Paul and Gravel are around, at least for now, or we’d get nothing but campaign pabulum.

Julie in Boise

I read somewhere last night that Gravel and Paul ought to go out on a road show together.

Does anyone know where the debates are archived on video? MSNBC had only some small portions of the Dem debate online. I'm guessing they've done the same with the GOP - haven't checked yet.

CSPAN sometimes reruns 'em, too. If anyone knows of any replays coming up, of either event, please post 'em here. Thanks.

Overall, I think it's telling that Democrats continue to be relatively satisfied with our choices - I know I am - and Republicans are wringing their hands over their field. What they'd really like is for Reagan to come back from the dead and save their sorry butts. Failing that, maybe a modern actor?

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