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Julie Fanselow

If you didn't hear Keith Olbermann's latest special comment last night, by all means ...


Just be prepared to be depressed. Never before has Diana's blog title "We have failed our duty as citizens" seemed as apropos.


I hate to say "I told you so", but... http://redstaterebels.typepad.com/red_state_rebels/2007/05/mission_snafu.html#comment-68329192

Julie in Boise

Yeah, you sure did.

I am one of many, many Democrats who feel used and abused today. But not as used and abused as our troops, who are bearing the brunt of these political shenanigans.

Julie in Boise

I just sent the following to Mike Simpson:

I am very disappointed in the lack of leadership in Congress on the Iraq War. Rather than abandoning our troops to the terrorists, we are abandoning them without a clear exit strategy and even a clear mission.

The mission seems to change weekly. We have been in Iraq four years. Come September, I hope you will vote AGAINST any further war funding that does not establish a timeline to bring the troops home. And I hope you and other congressional Republicans will help President Bush see that his obstinancy on this issue is only making the situation worse.

We "broke" Iraq, but does that mean we have to buy it - indefinitely?! Let's help the Iraqi people take control of their country over the next year, then get out.

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