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Rob Miller

Well this has been a tough one for me. I still struggle with the priorities. For example, what good is a community college if it is located in a place where no one can get to it (no transit) and our K-12 system is continuing to decline. Regardless, I suppose we need to get what we can get to improve our community. I have changed my position and will vote in favor today. Thanks for continuing the discussion. Maybe the community college will see the need to provide transportation to students.


Absolutely. Vote yes. I would, but I'm in Twin Falls. I'm pulling for you all the same.


I have to disagree with you here. Although I am absolutely in favor of expanding college-level course access, and see the need for a CC here in the Boise area, I can't vote for this district given the complete lack of details on funding, operations or even locations. I'm not willing to take your leap of faith since I feel I've been burned too many times by ostensibly good-intentioned agencies (CCDC comes to mind).

I believe the legislature needs to step up and re-architect the entire college/university system, statewide, for the 21st century. I'd like to see two statewide systems; a single university system (UI, ISU, BSU, LCSC) under a single chancellor and a parallel CC system (North, SW, S-Central, SE colleges) under a similar chancellor system. The budgets and curricula need to be coordinated and a uniform, stable funding source established at the statewide level.

I think a piecemeal CC system, where they are run like glorified school districts, takes us further from the strategy I feel is the most stable, effective and efficient way to deliver post-secondary education.

Just MHO.

Julie in Boise

KM, I appreciate what you are saying and believe the system you describe has merit.

One argument for local CC control, however, is the nimbleness with which a locally run CC can handle opportunities. For example, Dell computers came to Twin Falls a decade or so ago, and it was because CSI was able to quickly (within months) meet its training needs that it decided to locate its support center there.

Ideally, a regionally run system could do the same but probably not as quickly as a locally run college. But that's just one example. Frankly, I can't see the state higher ed system making the changes you suggest anytime soon. We needed a community college in the Boise area yesterday.

Rob, I just got back from making calls to voters. The fact sheet I saw there (the latest version) noted that planners want to establish a satellite campus system. That is very important due to the transit and traffic issues, and simply to make classes accessible to as many people as possible.

I wish we could get this sort of all-out effort on behalf of a better transit system. But that's another battle for another day.


I voted early and a YES! and have encouraged others too also. Have you heard how the turnout is????


Julie in Boise

T, thanks for your yes vote.

As I said above, I was making calls to voters (in Meridian, mostly) circa 10-1. I didn't find too many people at home, and of those, it was running about 10 percent. But that was too early in the day to tell much.

Thanks for spreading the word. We need two yes votes for every no, so it's critical to get supporters to the polls!

Kurt Marko

Regarding the ideal college and university system I would like to see: that wasn't my primary reason for voting against this district. My main complaint is the complete lack of detail regarding cost/budget, location, administrative structure, curriculum integration with BSU/UI, etc. The sole rationale is "we need one." This is like my saying to a travel agent, "I need a vacation; book it", and I'll find out later where I'm going, what I'll be doing and how much it will cost; but trust me "you'll have fun." I just don't have that level of trust.


I voted no because I want more chaos in the state education governance system to occur before a long-term fix emerges: as Kurt above put it, "re-architect" the higher ed system statewide. If it passes it lets Otter and Luna off the hook and the Democrats are suckers for providing the cannon fodder via all the do gooders and tax lovers who live on the north side of the Boise River and east of Collister who have been pummled with slick brochures for the past two months.

The Nickel-Plated JA

As of 1am, it's all over but the shouting, and we (supporters) won!

There are 2 precincts left outstanding in Ada County (6 and 22 -- 22 is in western Garden City, not sure about 6), and we have a 2544 vote margin above a two-thirds majority (all counts unofficial of course).

The Nickel-Plated JA

OK, the margin is now 2490 votes with only precinct 22 outstanding. Since there are less than 1800 registered voters in Pct. 22, that's pretty conclusive!

The Nickel-Plated JA

Hrm. Now half an hour since the last (6) precinct came in, and no sign of 22's numbers; something there must've gone wrong... but it shouldn't matter, since they would have to have near-100% turnout and near-100% against to make up those 2490 votes, even with each "No" counting twice.

Julie in Boise

NPJA, thank you for live blogging this last night.

The college vote did win, 68 to 32%.

Sounds like there was definitely some high drama there at HQ in the wee hours today!

The Nickel-Plated JA

Thanks Julie, but I wouldn't *exactly* call it "liveblogging" -- it wasn't like I was down at 11th and Chicago with my laptop 'till all hours of the night... I was in my home office, sparsely dressed, watching the returns online and calculating the margins as they updated... then I simply said something when I determined there was something worth saying *grin*.

sharon fisher

Kurt, that's the way the law is written.

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