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A few members of the media did cover the brouhaha between OSF, the carpenter's union and the subcontractor involved:





Right on Julie. I also think it's important to put a face with the food. Ask to meet the farmer or the restaurant owner and develop a relationship, The provider is more motivated to maintain quality, and the customer can have more confidence in their food.

And while I get your point about busy schedules and all the other pressures in opposition to eating at home, don't forget the most local of all, growing your own.


P.S. -- The union has targeted at least three subcontractors and five projects locally. One of the subcontractors claims it has nothing to do with pay and is all about an attempt to force the contractors to unionize:



agreed! and do you know we have a new locally owned restaurant opening soon in our neighborhood???

YEP! Paul and Mary are opening a take out lasagne (and homemade chicken pot pies) in the old Maytag Lady (washer woman on Vista) building next to Wells Fargo at 1504 Vista. It will be called Cucina di Paolo!

Local and good food and local nice people!


Julie in Boise

Lora, thanks for those links. I should've known the IBR would go more in-depth than its competitors (and me, for that matter). Nice work.

theresa, that is great news. Those folks have been selling at the Saturday market for a while. It's nice to know they're getting a storefront presence, too - and right here on the Bench!

Idagreen, I don't have much of a green thumb (nor am I much of a cook). Happily, I am married to someone who makes up for me in both those departments!


Three cheers for Paul and Mary Jean. I love Cucina de Paolo.

I'm also getting my veggies from Morning Owl Farms this summer. Great local organic produce.


Great idea, Julie! Pocatello offers a lot of non-chain restaurants that are fantastic.


Gosh, as a food service employee I feel that I just have to comment on this. I saw the Spaghetti Factory go up but it did not occur to me that it is going up right next to locally-owned Louies. I am especially alarmed about their use of cut-rate labor, as this is an important issue to me. It's really hard to make it through college on cut-rate labor. Thank you for posting those ruralroots and foodroutes links. I have two good friends who just started an organic farm out in Kuna this year and I think these links will be VERY useful to them. I'd like to find more ways to help them market their produce.

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