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Now if they'd only ban giant strollers, too...
The way I see it, the problem with most downtown events is the overcrowding. This could easily be solved by moving events (the farmers market and Alive After 5, especially) to the park. Imagine how nice it would be to flop down on the grass while listening to music or eating some delicious fruit you just bought. Somehow I doubt the downtown merchants would allow that, however.

Tara Rowe

Very interesting that in the top right hand corner of the Market's website is this:

"Blue Dog Bakers
Idabone dog treats-potato shaped, home-baked treats made with only the best ingredients and baked to a crispy crunch. Also available are Bandogos, the bandana that attachs to your dog's collar. Variety of sizes and designs. For the perfect dog."


I am always amazed at how many people sincerely believe they have a well behaved dog; and how often that is a small dog. All evidence to the contrary when you see them with their dog.

I frankly am tired of small dogs with bandannas that are allowed to go where ever they please as if the event is in fact their living room.

While the owner says things like "oh isn't he cute" or "he loves people and they ALL love him" or "isn't she cute snooping through all of that!"

VERY different then the folks who do bring a dog, and it is next to them, heeling, well behaved and leashed.

Then again I get annoyed by parents that bring kids and turn them loose like wild animals so ehhh



Odd sign - by recommendation of the Health Department? Could they be more nebulous? If the Capital City Public Market people are that concerned about some unspecified health department recommendations, I’d expect to see more sanitation facilities there. Porta Potties and hand washing stations take up space that could be rented. Oh (light bulb goes on).

Is it an actual ban? By what authority and who would enforce it?

// don’t take my dogs down there regardless.


Attention all enemy combatants. News today that Gonzo will be here in Boise tomorrow. Yes that's right, the lawyer responsible for legitimizing torture as an information gathering tool, abolishing the writ habeus corpus, legalizing the government's ability to spy on you, and making the Justice Department a tool for theocrats is looking for a safe red state to put up the appearance he might be liked somewhere.


According to Jim Hansen he's to be at Fort Boise Community Center around 2:30. Be there or see you in Gitmo.


Bring your dogs.


GONZOlas,,you know , the lying Attorney General one is gonna be in Boise Tue., TOMORROW! meeting with USAs and all. ANYBODY up for a Protest???

Anybody know the details & times?

Come on Boise ,,, how can we let "him" come here un-protested???

My (possible) sign:

(paid for by the (corrupt) GOP. )


Remember how much fun it was when (Tr)Ashcroft came to town years ago ? When Boise seemed to care?-------------Oh well,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Julie in Boise

Boise Nick,

Given the turnout against Cheney last year, I think we'll see a pretty large crowd there Tuesday.

Julie in Boise

WR, I like your comment about the giant strollers.

When my almost-13-year-old was a wee one, she went everywhere in a Snugli (baby sling, for you non-parents out there) and I carried spare diapers etc in a small daypack. When she outgrew the Snugli, we got one of those super-skinny umbrella-style strollers and used that, or a baby backpack for more serious treks.

A few years ago, I had a rendezvous with one of my college friends who became a parent later in life. He and his wife showed up - on the busy streets of Portland , no less - with a Jeep-branded stroller. I almost laughed out loud but managed to stifle it.

Minimalism rules, in my world.


I'm glad that I don'r work at the Bush Whitehouse.



Yahoo! It's about time. Seriously.

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