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Realizing that the Club For Growth paid $1 million in order to get 10 votes instead of 9 on some of these bills makes me wonder how much they'd pay to get 20 votes for their agenda.

Julie Fanselow

Or, next, maybe they'd like to buy a senator?

Jill Kurtz

Julie, your comments are dead on. We both worked on this campaign and were totally blindsided by Popkey's article.

Let's just hope that others who didn't agree with it will write letters to the editor too.

W. Lane Startin

Although I've been viewing this from afar here in Twin Falls, I would like to see Grant and/or Lewis come out with a little more fire in their belly next year. I still contend that if the 2006 Democratic House nominees ran in the other district, Jim Hansen would be in Washington right now.


Thx for tackling this one. I read Popkey's article with a "Huh?!?!". Grant is being vilified for NOT taking in a Cali consultant (since CA is soooooo popular here these days) and bucking the DCCC? The DCCC is the inside the beltway politics at it's worst despite the other '06 victories. Sali has been nothing but a joke and I would be happy to cast my vote again for Grant in '08.


I thought Popkey's column was long overdue. I also thought Randy's rebuttal made excellent points. I wholeheartedly agree with Grant's decision to forgo inside the beltway CW http://www.crashingthegate.com/
But he also eschewed some Idaho political common sense.

I'm not in the District but if I was I certainly would never vote for Sali. But I'm sure not going to open my mind to, open my wallet for, or devote all my free time to a guy who won't do the same for his own candidacy. Politics is more than merely saying what you stand for.

The Nickel-Plated JA

I don't know that eschewing Rahm Emmanuel when running for office as a Democrat is *ever* a good idea. He knows what works; Rahm is probably the best *political* mind working within the Party today -- in fact, many reports suggest Aaron Sorkin borrowed him almost verbatim for the character of Josh Lyman. Not to mention the potential for DCCC dollars to counter the 72-hour-plan on the other side.

That said, of course Bill Sali is about 70% of the issue... Popkey raises some salient points about Grant, adds some that are off-the-mark, and misses a couple of critical ones entirely. The reality is that elections are rarely, if ever, purely substantive... and it is precisely the non-substantives that Larry lacked (like the alumni factor I've harped on before) that could have made the requisite swing.


Thanks Julie,and you're right, the real issue is Sali and his idiocy. That being said, you also have my comment on the potential new addition to the race.


I have a love hate relationship with Rahm. He's sharp but little too DLC for me and therefore married to the money. And he uses it punitively. But for Dean's 50 state strategy neither house of Congress would be Democrat right now. So NPJA I repectfully disagree with Rahm being the "best" we have. But I'm glad we have him.

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