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The headline seems to beg the question of just where should a Mayor of a conservative, Mormon dominated, Idaho city keep his bong? At work? In the car? The safe deposit box? For a guy who never has a hair out of place it is an odd oversight.

I remember hearing a story once of a college student leaving various sundry items at the parents' house only to return home to find his mom had found and unknowingly converted his bong into a nice little prominently displayed vase. Was that in a movie?

Jim Hansen

This should be a good reminder that we should regularly clean out our basement. Instead of waiting until "Antiques Roadshow" comes to Idaho, I have a suggestion: donate the stuff to a non-profit organization that promotes democracy and social justice! I just happen to know of one that's preparing to do an "on-line yard sale" this fall...


Stumbled across your blog this evening. Very spirited and humorous. Thought you should know about this little gem: http://www.britebluedot.com/ It's caught on like wildfire around here--spreading joy and hope wherever it goes. Seeing them in traffic has kind of fueled my hope even in the oppressive heat of my red-state commute this summer.

David Erin Anthony

Well, if anyone cleans out thier garage and find any old Clover LPs let me know, lol.

Julie in Boise

Jim, keep us posted on those sale plans. Sounds like a cool event.

Speaking of yard sales, my family will have a table at the annual neighborhood sale held this Saturday (August 25) from 8 to 1 at Whitney Baptist Church, 2309 W Dorian St, one block south of Overland near the Vista intersection. We'll give 10 percent of our table's take to Habitat for Humanity. So if you crave an inflatable rowboat, a small inflatable backyard pool, or a Keep Portland Weird T-shirt, check it out! I'll probably have a pretty good selection of CDs and books, too. No bongs, though.

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