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Julie in Boise

Needless to say, we all ought to call or write Craig, Crapo and Sali or Simpson next week. I know it feels like an exercise in futility with these guys, but it's still important to make our voices heard.


Not so futile Julie. It appears that Craig is softening. http://www.spokesmanreview.com/blogs/boise/archive.asp?postID=6016
Given the poll numbers in their party they have no choice. Will they then wear the mantle of their own rhetoric?

Julie in Boise

That's interesting news about Craig, but if he's using Petraeus as a gauge, I am not sure he's going to move very far away from Bush. We'll see. Thanks for the link.


"time to wind down the war"?

The reality is that the war will not end when we leave. There'll just be less security than there was before.

Julie in Boise


Yes. And whose fault will that be?

Our soldiers have busted their butts for four years, despite no clear mission. We will play a role as the withdrawal takes place, but our continued presence does nothing but delay the day when Iraqis must accept responsibility for their future.

sharon fisher

If you still want that column, I can get you a copy.

Julie in Boise

Sure, Sharon. That'd be great. Thanks.

Jim Hansen

Thanks for posting this, Julie. We are completing the Western Idaho Fair activities today and I've been so impressed with how thoughtful so many people are about this tragedy in Iraq.

Loyalty to party elites is such a strong value among Republicans that it is not surprising our congressional delegation does not allow themselves to hear these diverse voices in their own state. Yes, their party does punish them for disloyalty so the cost of listening to their people can be high (losing committee postions, campaign funds, etc...) but Republican Sen. John Warner and Sen. Chuck Hagel are well-respected and they have said the occupation must come to an end. Why can't Craig, Simpson, Sali and Crapo listen to those voices in their leadership?

That is why attending the "Take A Stand" gathering this Tuesday is SO important. We have asked TVTV to tape it. We want as many people as possible to come and make a 1-3 minute statement, or to sing a song that speaks to their feelings about this tragedy, or to read a poem, or to say a prayer.

We will send the video to the four men who represent us in Congress and will ask them to take a stand.
Please come on Tuesday night, 7:00 pm at the Boise Senior Center.

No More Mr. Nice Guy!

I did a little googling, and here's the Dan Fink column online:


Julie in Boise

Thanks, NMMNG! I thought you had to pay for articles more than a few weeks old! I'm saving a copy of this while I can.

Jim, I am going to the Son Volt show on Tues eve and will therefore miss your town hall. But I hope you get a good turnout, and I am really happy to hear you are taping people and sending the video to the delegation. Thank you for everything you are doing to end the war.

Jim Hansen

If you cannot make it on Tuesday night, be sure to tell others to be there for you and be sure to call the US Senate offices to say you support those sitting in vigil in their offices all this week. Sen. Crapo (208-334-1776) and Sen Craig (208-342-7985). If they won't listen to Idahoans, tell them to go talk to Sen. Warner and Sen. Hagel (Some of their Republican colleagues who are saying its time to bring our troops home)

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