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Tara Rowe

Oh God, forgot about the other BS! Too much BS for one state if you ask me...

Julie in Boise

Idablue's host has posted the tech data on that comment. It looks like a spoof.


Funny I saw the EXACT same response from her here:


sixth comment down.



oh my apologies the same response with out the request for funds, i should say!

didn't notice that till I went back to follow up on your comment Julie.


W. Lane Startin

If it is a real announcement, it's not a very good one. There's no mention of a campaign on her web site, nor is there any trace of her over at the FEC (although that's not a big deal assuming she hasn't raised $5K, which I imagine is a safe sort of assumption). If it were me I'd hit every media outlet I could find, change my web site and not hide behind initials.

Oh yeah, I wouldn't omit my campaign contribution address anywhere, either, which btw is Startin for Idaho, 282 Dubois Avenue, Twin Falls, ID 83301-4611. (Yes, I'm still looking at governor in 2010 and no, I'm _NOT_ running for Senate).

So, like the original Bill Sali Fan blog, it's either seriously bogus or seriously dumb.

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