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I'll tell Brian but one reason I don't attend is the lame location. No offense to the brotherhood. Can't we dovetail with the drinking liberally crowd?

Julie in Boise

We used to meet at the former (and spacious) Boise Bridge Club quarters on Overland Road, downstairs from the current office location.

The Ada Dems will have a new office on State Street as of next month (I think), and I suspect that'll be the new meeting location as well.

But yes, tell Brian your thoughts. A pre-DL meeting might be an option worth considering.

Brian Cronin

It's an interesting thought, Sisyphus. My sense was that the DL folks wanted to keep things as informal and non-Party-like as possible. But if you want to pitch it to Whitney or Jim or whomever is organizing DL these days, I'd be happy to have that conversation. Our new office, assuming we can finalize the lease this week, will be at 4121 W. State Street, Suite B. This is near The Lift on State St., which I understand is a pretty good bar & grill. Thanks for the plug, Julie.

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