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I find it interesting how the GOP have so viciously turned on Craig. Seems that loyalty and friendship in that party run thin. The Dems haven't really said a word about this but have just sat back and watched the Republicans devour one of their own.
In a strange sort of way I have some sympathy for Craig. One dark moment of indescretion and his entire career and legacy have been destroyed. If this were Japan he'd have to fall on his sword...literally.


Hmmm, sorry. No sympathy in this corner. Larry Craig spent his entire career demonizing a segment of the American population. Getting elected over and over again using the "Family Values" platform of the GOP. If anything what the feeding frenzy shows,is the total lack of tolerance for anything remotely homosexual by the Republican party. Senator Vitter (R)Louisiana had sex with prostitutes and there weren't any calls for his resignation.


My only question is who will replace Risch as Lt Gov after he gets appointed to Craig's seat ?


That's your only question? Its a good one I haven't pondered much yet. I have thought about Mike's replacement and wondered if Risch could be talked into that one. I doubt it, plus I think he lives in the wrong district. Saw Shiela Sorenson lunching in downtown Boise today. Brad Little also jumps to mind. I think there's a whole lot of jockeying going on.


Betsy Russell informs that if Simpson is appointed the congressional seat goes to a special election. I don't think Otter'll wanta do that because of the cost and it gives the Ds a shot.


did you see press secretary Snow quit today??


David Erin Anthony

If the Lt. Gov. is chosen to replace Sen. Craig it will form up an interesting race next year for the open seat. A repeat of the 06 race between Risch and our very own Larry LaRocco. So are the cards beginning to fall properly for a change to the "D" category next year? I sure hope so.

Snow's resignation has become a minor foot note in the flood gates of departure from "W" administration. But as I said before.....why do rats abandon a sinking ship? So any bets on who's next?

-Jim Nicholson (VA Affairs)?

BP Cross

I said yesterday - he'd just wait 'til everyone was out of town before he resigned. Sympathy? None here.

Julie in Boise

MG has an interesting post on a news story from Arkansas that I haven't seen in the national media at all.



I think it is interesting, that if the Republican Party is hoping to take the Senate in the next election they have some work to do!

First to try and put all of their policies and failures behind them as a whole, but with Sen. Warner a senior senator announcing today he is stepping down, and going on the thought Sen. Craig is also, just a matter of what time they will lose TWO senior Senators that were seats, that were pretty well "defended".


David Erin Anthony

I suspect that the Lt. Gov is foaming at the mouth wanting that seat. And after being gracious enough to step down to allow Butch have the Governor's office.

Michael Devitt

You can't lose what you haven't got, so Mr. Craig's loss of credibility is a bit over-rated.

However, the real loser in this scandal is Greg Smith. This, supposed, insider who considers himself to be the most reliable pollster in Idaho actually stated, in print, that he felt Senator Craig would survive this scandal.

That kind of statement proves that my 4-year old daughter knows more about politics than Mr. Smith. What in the world is this man smoking?

Given that Mr. Smith is a former Craig employee, the suggestion is that he is a bit more partisan that he would have Idaho voters believe. A pollster that tries to influence public opinion and alter the natural course of events has zero credibility in my mind.

No, Mr. Smith is not a reliable taker of Idaho's political pulse, he is just another political hack, and not a very astute one at that.

W. Lane Startin

Greg Smith is also responsible for the poll that showed a candidate who's not running (Al Gore) leading in Idaho for the Democratic presidential nomination. He might as well have put in Edmund Muskie for all that told anyone.

(Reposted from 43SB): There's no reason Otter wouldn't appoint Risch. It placates the IDGOP, placates Risch and gets Risch out of the Statehouse all in one fell swoop. That's three wins in Butch's book. If Otter appointed anyone else it would cause yet another IDGOP food fight. He knows that. We all know that. Would it help us if it were someone else? Absolutely. But we should know better.

That said, there's considerably more clarity in the '08 race now, which means it's time for Larry LaRocco to come out swinging. Risch's desultory eight-month administration as governor was pure tax and waste. He's also not known for his sunny disposition. There's a lot to run on here, but only if LaRocco's campaign is aggressive and consistent. What's more, this upcoming LaRocco/Risch matchup won't be a ho-hum-who-cares down ticket race like it was last time; it'll get some good press, which can be very much in LaRocco's favor.

Larry if you're reading this, it's go time, baby.

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