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W. Lane Startin

So they're going to have you "complete the arrow" like we do here?

Julie in Boise

No, I filled in ovals, a la a multiple choice test.

The Nickel-Plated JA

Gee, those "complete the arrow" machines from Twin Falls County sound a lot like the "Texas Eagle" we used to use in Denton; the company got bought by ES&S, who were reportedly in the process of developing an assistive device to "complete the arrow" for the visually impaired. Meanwhile, Denton County switched to machines made by Hart Intercivic, with a scroll-wheel, no paper trail, and some serious clipping issues -- in the 2006 Primary (the only time I used one), "Barbara Ann Radnofsky" (2006 Democratic US Senate nominee) had her name clipped at the top of the digitally-rendered ballot because it was too long.


I am curious what you learned about some of the problems from the past with such machines? And if you feel like they were all well addressed?

Things like the memory cards being able to be switched and such.

I do not know a lot about the technology and upgrades in the last couple of years; but I know there were serious questions in the past. Including hackability...



Ah yes, the cardboard cutouts. I enjoyed getting my picture taken with them. Good times indeed!

Butch and Dubya, my guys for sure :)

Julie in Boise

All they need is one of Bill Sali, which they could put on a milk crate - just like at the debates last year.

t, no, I am not at all convinced nor satisfied that these machines are safe from shenanigans. But I think Idaho would need to become a much more competitive state before the Rethugs would try to muck around with things here as they have elsewhere. If you are interested, here are a few sites that monitor election machine news closely:



By the way, Ada's new machines are ES&S.

W. Lane Startin

No machines in Twin Falls County. It's a paper ballot.


thanks Julie and for the links

to be honest my concern is less for here, and more for well gee it is acceptable in so many places -- how can there be a problem

sadly we see that all too often in politics, when things are allowed to quietly come in

or we use the hmm well it's not that bad test

maybe i am just cynical lol


Julie in Boise

Cynical is good, and vigilance is important. If it's any consolation (and it is to me), I think the Ada County Dems have been in very good contact with the county elections officials over this change.

We had a film night at The Flicks early this year or late last in which two documentaries about the issue were screened, and officials did a Q&A afterward.

Lane, how are those ballots read? There's gotta be some sort of machine reading 'em, right?

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