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Tara Rowe

Risch seems to have forgotten that when the Teton Dam broke in 1976 the government poured money into Idaho at the request (aggressive request) of Senator Church. Idahoans didn't do it alone.


You also have to admire the efforts of the LDS church after the Teton dam disaster. If Mormons are anything, they're organized.


Hey RSR, I've been checking in just because of the swirling news about Larry Craig. Then I read his dispicable quote about the fraudulent nature of Iraqis and Louisianans. Wow. Sickening. I for one am with John McCaine - Craig should resign his office today!

Tara Rowe

Organized they are!

Irwin Horowitz

Not for nothing...but the 2007 Atlantic hurricane season has now had six named storms, two of which have grown to Cat-5 status. Wonder what all the GW skeptics think about that.

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