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I know you're a big 'Daily Kos' fan; I'm not nor is it even a regular stop during my reading unless someone links to something.

I'd suggest you reach to Jane Hamsher at firedoglake; Americablog, Crooks & Liars, Think Progress .... there's a horde of heavy hitters whose readers don't often visit 'the orange something' they call it. And, no, it's not anything profane. I want to say 'machine' - but that's not it.


A nod to LaRocco in regard to the Craig issue. I know you are not discussing it specific.

BUT I find it worthy of mention that Tim Russert went on TV last night stating that he needs to step down - and the Reps want that BECAUSE they KNOW that ANY Republican can win this seat, and it will not go to a Dem...

I happen to disagree and think we have a fine example in Larry of a Dem that IS electable in Idaho.


Julie in Boise


You'll see Larry at some other sites very soon - and if you are a regular at other sites you can help LL a lot by talking him up wherever your blog travels take you.

That said, I don't see any of the other sites holding an annual convention that attracts seven of the eight presidential candidates, nor do I see Bill O'Reilly lashing out at any of the others. I stand by my urging to have Larry focus on Daily Kos first and foremost.


Thanks for your vote of confidence! There are some who are saying a D can't win this seat, but we know better.

With LaRocco's very early start and his two successful terms in the House (we KNOW he can get elected), he is in a good position to capitalize on the increased attention to Idaho's 2008 Senate race.

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