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We also had a great time watching the down-link, and held our breath at the end until they were able to roll and come back online.

Honestly I get a bit "misty" as they say over this whole trip!

I LOVE that more folks are paying attention to the entire program, and that there is a new program being rolled out to encourage students to help with the growth chambers :)


W. Lane Startin

I'm an insurance agent in Twin Falls. I have so many Russian-speaking clients (the majority of which are Muslim, btw) that I found a need to Russian-language materials for them. We also routinely hear Bosnian and increasingly Farsi in the office in addition to Spanish and English.

Tara Rowe

Lane, is there still a large number of Eastern Europeans in the Magic Valley?

Julie Fanselow

Are people still settling in Twin through the CSI Refugee Center? That agency seemed to do really good work; it was a favorite charity of ours when we lived there. Boise has huge numbers of people coming here from Central Africa.

W. Lane Startin

Yes and yes. The latest group is coming from Iran.

sharon fisher

There's a big tug of war in the Bill Sali Wikipedia entry about the Ellison dustup, between the mysterious unidentified person who keeps undoing changes people make to the Bill Sali page -- and to nothing else. He claims, however, that he is not Wayne Hoffman.

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