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well done... thank you for this account and for the pictures. it will be interesting to see what craig has in store until september 30...


Am I the only one wondering about Tom Luna so front and center on this?


Julie in Boise

I think they basically had to get whatever Repubs hey could find to stand up there.

Julie in Boise

I mean THEY could find ....

Too much time on the internets today!


I hope you are right, I just have to admit my spidey senses went hmmmmmm


David Erin Anthony

What I find so interesting is who was NOT standing beside Sen. Craig. Where was the Lt. Gov? Things that make you go hmmmm!


David I agree, that made me wonder a bit also. I have to admit I do wonder how much Craig's wife has known and when, and what she is thinking right now...

I think of some of the other political wives that have gone through somewhat similar things.

And how much she is doing in shock, planned, trying to do good for the state and such.

I guess it is one more thing that makes ya go hmmm


d2 at 43rdstateblues

So strange to pull up stories from the UK or China on this.

Must be even more surreal for people like Crystal (d'ya know her, J?) to see their handprinted signs making news like this...


W. Lane Startin

Where were Crapo and Simpson?

Julie in Boise

If you haven't already, read my diary at Daily Kos where I went into more detail. Click my name.

Crapo's daughter got married in DC yesterday, so he had a good excuse for now showing. But Simpson ...?

And Risch's absence was weird, too.


Maybe since Simpson and Risch have been named as possibles for the replacement, they didn't want to seem like vultures at the carcass.

Or maybe since they have been named as possibles, they didn't want to have their names tainted, so to speak.


MG nailed it. Can't taint the successors with the crime.


I also think it was no accident that Otter placed himself directly behind Craig so he was not visible on camera.

The surreal thing for me was the local curly headed guy, an attorney, not active in any party that I'm aware of, mugging just about every camera shot. I'd change channels and there he was again. Very bizarre.

Julie in Boise

Someone at Kos asked me about the guy in the background, speculating he was the "other" son - the one who couldn't come stand by his stepdad because he was working in McCall.

He was wearing a light plaid shirt, along with sunglasses which he removed once in a while to take a photo. Is that the one you mean, Sisyphus? I thought it was weird that the powers that be let him stand back there, too.


Yup, he's not the other son though. Don't really want to say more about the guy here though.

Julie in Boise

Sisyphus, you mean you watched this on TV? Where's your sense of history?!

I mentioned this on Kos, but before the weekend is out, I aim to get to Morris Hill Cemetery (also in my general neighborhood), visit the graves of Frank Church and Bill Borah, and tell them everything is going to be OK.


Sorry Julie. I had far too many acquaintances and some friends who were there and who may have taken my presence as an in your face act. I know it was a public press conference and I have nothing but contempt for Craig's voting record but I declined to give the appearance of gloating over the man's demise no matter how much he brought this on himself. Its not cricket.

Once the dust settles I'll look forward to using the phrase "wide stance" in discourse with my Republican buddies.

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