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Tara A. Rowe

Julie, as my kid brother would say: "Peace be the journey!" Best of luck.


On my theology e-group, one of our members talked her involvement within the Study Circles. She's from Wisconsin, however she was traveling to Cleveland for this particular sessoin on racism.

Very apt for Cleveland, I think. There were areas that were STILL demolished from the riots in the late '70s, early 80s. And of course the closure of Mt. Sinai, situated on the 'edge of the ghetto' who served the poorest of the poor, and it wasn't the medical personnel who minded.

Brian Cronin

Julie, you have provided a tremendous service to the progressive commmunity over the last several years and I, for one, am very grateful. Maintaining a blog, particularly one that is current, relevant, insightful, and even feisty requires a great deal of dedication. I shall miss RSR but look forward to its new iteration. Hats off to you and my wishes for continued success with your latest pursuits.


Can't even describe how much you'll be missed but wishing you best of luck with the new gig.


Lukas and I have really enjoyed reading your work and you will most certainly be missed. Good luck in your new endeavors and we wish you the very best of success with your new projects and efforts to make the world a better place..


Best of luck on the new adventures, and thanks for all you have done here. It has been a pleasure!



Best of luck!


I look forward to the celebration in the Capitol rotunda on inauguration night of Idaho's next Democratic governor and reminiscing with you on how you and this site helped accomplish it. Thanks for the dialogue and the community of progressives you helped bring together. For many of us this site was the welcoming light in the window that let us know we were not alone.


Take care, Julie. I hope you succeed in your new vocation.

Adam Graham

While you and I haven't agreed often,I wish you all the best.

Joe Vandal

It can be even more difficult to walk away from a long-running blog than it can be to even start. Congratulations on your work and your efforts. Good decision to keep it up for archives.

Let me know if your next or future blogs involve Idaho topics so I can add it to the IFz links collection.

Take it easy,


Julie, Thanks for your excellent work and excellent blogging. I am confident that your future endeavors will be even more successful. I look forward to reading your work where ever its posted.

Jill Kuraitis

Julie, you're an inspiration and RSR will be sorely missed. But I'm also very excited for you in the new job, and hope them folks what hired you know what a bargain they're getting...All the luck in the world!

Jim Hansen

Julie - its because of you that I've ventured into blogging at United Action for Idaho. You have inspired others to dive in as well. The landscape of good discussion has definitely improved. More people understand that core American values are progressive. That understanding comes about with the bottom up discussions fueled by blogging like yours and millions of others, not from the top-down "message of the day" corporate spin we are fed through so many national media sources.

Kari Chisholm

Congrats, Julie!

And to the rest of you, inspired by Julie, be sure to submit your blogs to LeftyBlogs Idaho.


It's time the world saw that there really is a progressive community in Idaho.

Account Deleted

Best of luck Julie.

I will miss your astute commentary on politics in Idaho. I have always looked forward to reading your blog entries.

Judy Ferro

Julie, I think it's wonderful you are taking on new challenges--always hiking up the growth curve! I am disappointed though that you are moving non-partisan--this is a time for every lefty to lean to our side of the arc or this ship of state will self-destruct!
All the best.


Leo Brown


I echo the positive comments and good wishes from many and hope that you might become a contributor to Western Democrat http://www.westerndemocrat.com/

The prospects for resisting extremism in Idaho look better now than in 2003, thanks in part to your work.

Thanks again,


Jacob  R Clark

Dear Jules:
Just an old chum wishing you the best as you move on to the next interesting phase of your illustrious career. I'm extremely proud for the work you've done on behalf of the progressive community in Idaho, and know you'll do just fine. You've got the fire, girl. I'm honored to be able to count you among my peers--and friends--and to be able to say, "Yeah, I knew her when...." (But we won't go there!) Again, best of luck, and don't be a stranger to the list!
In solidarity and love,

Jacob R Clark

Hey Julie,
Just an aside, but I'd love to get a current e-mail address for you. The one I ha(d)ve is most likely eons old and I'm pretty sure you're no longer using it.
Please advise at [email protected].

Best, Jake.


You know it strikes me as odd that coincidental with you out of commission we get the biggest news to hit the state.


Hey Julie, as long as you're still living in Idaho you'll always be one of the top Idaho bloggers to me! You are an inspiration and I admire your objectivity. I know your voice is not going away....

Tom von Alten

Thanks for all you've done, and all you're going to do with the New Thing, Julie. Keep up the good work!

The list of folks responding here reflects the respect you've earned with your writing.


Happy Trails , Julie ! THANKS , , ,

Gusti Anom

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