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September 06, 2007


yay, nice to have it all back up :)


Well, with everything going on in Idaho politics these days ...

I am looking forward to what is next on the new blog. Thanks for all your hard work Julie and keeping the progressive movement going on the ground and in the blogsphere for Idaho.

This is a good looking blog, Julie. Since I'm not progressive, I'll only be commenting (and snarking, when appropriate) here, but I do have one suggestion. If you could post a list of contributors, along with short bios and links back to their own home pages (if applicable), I think that'd be helpful for those of us keeping score at home.

Bubblehead, that's a good idea and I hope it's within the TypePad capabilities. Let me work on it.

And you may not want to admit it, but I think you have *some* progressive tendencies.

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