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October 15, 2007


I know wasnt the game awesome!
and we had the front room window open, could HEAR the stadium when the last play ended

pretty nice


Good lesson to keep in mind. Dont try to watch a game like that and attempt research for a term paper. Trying to jump back and forth from the Crusaders to the game, well, just doesnt work! Just a heads up all to remember to tune into the interview tomorrow evening on KTVB Channel 7 at 6pm for the interview with Senator Craig. With his latest that he is going to appeal the appeal (which is what it is isn't it? I'm getting confused), this really has become an embarrasement to the entire state of Idaho. I had no qualms with the Senator taking the podium at the start of Sept and saying that he was going to stay in office until the end no matter what. At least with that we had some continuity. Now not only do I disagree with his politics, I have lost any trust in the man to his word.

Jill has a good piece on the Idaho digital divide - Risch vs LaRocco - at New West Click my name.

Laughs I know David our house was a zoo, and by 4th quarter even the neighbors were sitting in the living room watching the game.

All the stuff that needed done, got left till "later".

Also to add after the KTVB event will be the Matt Lauer interview -- you can spend 2 hours with him and never even go to the airport....


I added a comment to Jill's article on New West on how blogging and other on-line communications tools need to help people find their own voice and take action and not just reinforce the current political mindset (from conservatives and even some progressives) that treats people like consumers rather than full participants.

The reluctance of so many good people to call their legislator, to go meet with them, to campaign for those they support or to run for office illustrates how much we need to do to foster participation, not just better messaging.

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