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November 21, 2007


It's pretty obvious Sali is in way over his head out there. At least folks like Ron Paul have it together enough to stay ideologically consistent (albeit in an extreme iconoclast sort of way).

If nothing else, keep Sali under the microscope and drill his stances (or lack thereof) with utter impunity.

Rep. Sali is not being fiscally responsible in the least. For anyone to suggest he is "fiscally responsible" would be to defy gravity! He keeps voting for massive spending in Iraq, including the building of huge bases and funding of private contractors.

Rep. Sali also supports keeping tax breaks for the wealthiest 1% that Bush gave away even as he was asking our troops to sacrifice for his war. And Rep. Sali appears to be supporting the immoral loophole for hedge fund managers.

Public budgets are one of the best indicators of our elected representatives' moral priorities.

Exactly. Is he fiscally responsible or not? Depends on his mood at best ...

His voting record defies any rational thought. This man is a complete disgrace. He acts like a spoiled little brat on the floor throwing a temper tantrum with his voting record and legislation he introduces. It's sad that with as bad as the events Idaho has to suffer through with Senator Craig, we have to put up with the antics of Rep Sali. I hope and pray people are aware of how badly he has hurt Idaho with his voting record..

MountainGoat Report is doing an especially great job of tracking Sali's votes. You can get there by clicking Bill Sali: On the GOP fringe in the 2008 elections blogroll on the right side of this page.

We need to also be sending in a steady stream of letters re: Sali's votes to every 1st CD newspaper, small and large, throughout 2008.

Also, the Idaho blogosphere has a page to raise funds for the 1st District Dem nominee, whomever that winds up to be. Click my name. You can also give directly to the Democratic candidate(s) of your choice via ActBlue, and I encourage everyone to do so. Until we get real campaign finance reform, lots of small donations via ActBlue are our best way to counter the corrosive influence of the Club for Growth (Sali's main backer). Here's the link, or click my name ...


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