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December 27, 2007


THANK Freaking Goodness! Those letters were making me SO Angry. I didn't know what to do about them. I didn't write a letter or call the statesman to complain because I wasn't sure what their policy was regarding printing known falsehoods in the letters to the editor page.

The damage has already been done, but I guess all we can do now is give the Statesman a little credit for at least being willing to admit their mistake.

Great post, Brett.

BTW, does anybody know what happened to that great post from last week about Gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brady's support for Obama? I thought he wrote a great letter and then I saw it dissapear.

Obama Recites Pledge of Allegiance before Senate on 2/1/07


Obama Recites Pledge of Allegiance before Senate on 6/21/07


Thanks for setting the record straight, Brett.

And nice letter, Blogmother. :)

The fact that we have to waste our time doing this sort of thing, though, isn't good.

Reggie: the Brady statement is going to be made public within the next few weeks. We plan to roll it out in portions, so we are doing the same with blogs. Keep an eye out -- it will be coming soon!

I'm not sure being a blind, unthinking "Patriot" is a good thing anymore... And, I am as skeptical about being a "Christians" as being any kind of test for public office. The various churches have done horrible things over the centuries.

We need people who QUESTION the received wisdom. Of course, accepting the received wisdom is not allowed in the current One Party system the Empire now uses to manufacture consent.


Senator Barack Obama is not a "blind, unthinking" Patriot. If anyone is, it's the folks who question his patriotism simply because he wasn't holding his hand to his heart during the National Anthem or because he doesn't wear an American flag lapel pin every day. Patriotism goes much deeper than that.

The real issue here is not what religion he is, but that people are spreading lies about his religion. You are right that being Christian should not be a test or requirement for political office. I was raised in a Jewish family, so I certainly don't think so. But I do take offense when people spread false rumors about Senator Obama's religion.

The reality of a true democracy is voters are allowed to base their votes on whatever they want to, and therefore need to know the truth so they can vote correctly. While religious beliefs are not a requirement to run for or hold an elected position, it does end up factoring into the voters' decisions. You may not agree with that, but that's how democracy works.

Lastly, Senator Obama does question conventional wisdom. He is the only major Democratic candidate who opposed the Iraq war from the beginning. The rest followed their President into the worm hole.

Yes, opposing the war from the Illinois State Senate was sure sticking his neck out.

Obama was asked if he had been in the US Senate for the vote, would he have voted to not go to war, his answer, "I don't know."

"Obama was asked if he had been in the US Senate for the vote, would he have voted to not go to war, his answer, "I don't know."

JDem, can you cite a source for that? I don't remember hearing or reading it, and it surprises me. Thanks.

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