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December 14, 2007


I just want to make the point that Joey is not being called back to Iowa because the campaign headquarters doesn't find value in Idaho, or think we don't "deserve" him anymore, but just the opposite is true! They feel CONFIDENT that Idaho can carry-on successfully in his absence!

Joey has done a terrific job setting up a strategy to win Idaho for Obama at the caucus on February 5th, and we plan to continue to follow his guidelines put forth by the campaign!

However, we are in need of volunteers to assist in those efforts more than EVER now that we are this close to the caucus and "down one man" between now and when the replacements from Iowa arrive in early January!

PLEASE consider volunteering in some capacity in your local county/district between now and January 7th.

It will take every one of us to spread the word about Senator Obama's plan for change and hope for the future.

To volunteer, log onto www.idahoforobama.org and follow the link.

Together, we will turn this red state BLUE!


Great news on the new endorsements - let's keep the momentum going and surprise everyone by making a major difference in 2008!

The title of this post could have been: "Momentum builds for the anti-Hillary candidate." Still not sold on Obama but I'm getting closer. Glad to see some organization. Keep up the good work.

Sisyphus, please don't buy into the big media spin. Obama isn't the "anti-Hillary"; he's the forward-looking Democrat's choice.

You'll come around, and we look forward to welcoming you into our corner at the caucus on February 5! (Except "our corner" is going to take up most of the Taco Bell Arena ...!)

Great news on Mike's and Paul's endorsements. Have fun in Nevada, TJ et al. And best of luck to Joey in Iowa and beyond!

I always enjoy your insightful comments on this board TJ. As a former Idahoan, you post about topics that still matter to me. Keep leading the way in Idaho!
Go Obama!

OK, so I am TOTALLY living here in a BLUE state (California) and I say, "Go Obama!"

Obama support is growing all across this state. I just made inroads in Jerome at the local Dem meeting. They are having a mock caucus and I am their Obama point person. They are super excited and way nervous about this caucus. I will be talking to the Obama person shortly and giving information and talking points. It makes me realize how ahead of the curve we are in Boise and even in little Twin Falls. I am working with the local chair and dems and they are great! It sounds like the caucuses across the state could have record numbers.

What a great story here in Idaho where Obama grassroots took off and we caught the notice of the National Campaign and became an official office. Kudos to all the hard work and volunteers in Idaho and Camp Obama. You are too numerous to mention, but I know that Kassie, Tim, and Tj are keeping on keeping on after Joey left. Hugs to my friend Judy and blessings.

There are strong local candidates on board and
what a great slate of presidential candidates we have. Go Democrats!!!!
You are proof that change is a coming and our time is now!

PS Best of luck in Iowa and at the state dept. We will miss you, Joey.

Great news TJ - I can see Purple in the distance - if it can be done in Virginia it can be done in Idaho

I'm starting to lean towards Obama as well. The candidate I was holding out for is too busy winning Nobel Peace Prizes and castigating the record of LiteBeer and Buckshot. My dream ticket would have been Gore/Obama as that would have addressed my sole concern with Obama...his lack of experience on the National stage.

I'm in Florida until after New Year's and I just had carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand this afternoon. Makes it a bit tough to type out this message :-). Won't be posting much for the next week. Hope the readers of RSR have a wonderful holiday season!

So Obama won't have any paid staff in Idaho?

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