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February 02, 2008


See ya there! I'm leaving now!

Holy SHIT! The number of people!!

Holy SHIT indeed. The place was packed to the gills and hundreds, if not thousands, were turned away. The turnout exceeded the Gore lecture as they funneled people into the place previously screened off by the curtains which were to form the backdrop of the stage. He spoke for an hour. Nobody was disappointed. I'll post a detailed account at 43sb if we can get her up again.

Man, I'm worried that caucus night will be needing those volunteers in a bad way.

I'm putting up something as well - got a few pics. But right now I'm going in to lie down. Been up since 5:30 (work evenings) - AND, I'm old. I could feel that climbing all those damned stairs. Down was easy.... :-))

I'm off Tuesday - so I'm thinking I'll volunteer. My kids were impressed.

I arrived at 6:10 and ended up in line close to entrance 2 on the SE corner of the Pavilion. As we shuffled towards the door I heard folks talking on their cell phones with friends farther back in the line. They said the line behind us went across campus and onto Broadway. Don't know if that was an exaggeration or not, but they reported on KTVB that at least 1,000 people were not able to get in the doors. They also said that this was the largest event ever at BSU, more than Elton John, which was the previous record. The facility was absolutely packed, every section was filled with the exception of a few roped off seats behind the stage.

I talked to a lot of people and overheard many more talking about attending the caucus. So holy macaroni folks, hold onto your hats, this will be a wild one, even if half of those people show up on Tuesday!

One of the most exciting aspects of seeing this event in person is the number of young and new faces in the crowd. Cecil Andrus mentioned this too in his introduction. If even part of this enthusiasm and participation can hold up through November, and this man is not elected, then I don't know what more a candidate could do.

Happy now Julie ;-)? I have been assimilated.

I arrived in line about 7:30 (and had to walk all the way around Bronco Stadium to find the end). It took maybe 45 minutes to finally get into the doors, but I did make it and headed up the stairs to the mid level. It was quite a madhouse finding a place to park myself, but eventually I found a seat in the first row with a decent view of the stage area (sort of behind the curtain on the right side as you faced the stage but not on the other side of the arena).

It was indeed an energized crowd but still quite respectful of all who were there. Obama was quite enthralling in giving his stump speech.

This was the first event like this I've attended since seeing Clinton and Gore in an amphitheater in southern California back in '92. I still have my campaign sign from that event, and only wish that they could have handed out more signs today to everyone in attendance!

I wish everyone well on Tuesday and am sorry I won't be available to caucus with you at Quest Arena.

I'm sorry I couldn't make it, but it sounds like things went just fine without me.

I'm struck by the contrast between this and the modest turnout at an HRC event yesterday (see http://www.idahostatesman.com/newsupdates/story/283056.html ). I think it's safe to say Obama has this Super Tuesday state well in hand.

Sorry I couldn't make it but I urge everyone to read Dreams from My Father - it will give you a depth of appreciation for Obama beyond his gifted speech presentation.

This was a first for me. I've never gone to a political rally before. Like so many others I have always felt like I was voting against someone rather than for someone, and for the first time that has changed.

I showed up at 6am, and like Idagreen found myself near entrance 2. I was disappointed, but as the line kept growing far beyond my line of vision I started feeling less bad.

They were initially running everyone through metal detectors, but eventually gave it up, and just opened the doors.

There were about 70 people at the local Clinton event yesterday, and I think a few just came to be polite. (I personally went to pay my respects to Senator Cantwell for her efforts to prevent drilling in the ANWR.)

So yes, that tells you something, although it was done on just hours' notice. Then again, people had only a few days' notice for this, and with a 7 a.m. start time!!!

Larry, I agree with you on Dreams From My Father. It's a much more revelatory book than The Audacity of Hope. Obama is a very good writer, and to think that he wrote that in his early 30s ... it pretty much gives the lie to the idea that he's been planning all along to run for prez.

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