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February 05, 2008


Just got this from Whitney of Boise Drinking Liberally ...

"Isn't it great to feel needed? Oh sure, the pollsters don't bother with us, but at least tonight our votes will count for something, even if that something is a small number of delegates surely to be dwarfed by big, shiny states like California and New York. Finally I have something on my friends in Rhode Island and South Dakota - a teeny, tiny role in the 2008 presidential election! w00t!

"If you manage to get one of the 8000 seats tonight at the Qwest Arena, look for Brad and Whitney. We'll give you a Drinking Liberally button so you can spread the liberal love! If you already have one, please wear it. Some of us liberal drinkers may pop into Pengilly's afterward to see if they're watching the returns, which are always better with friends and beers.

"See you also on Wednesday, February 20 at Pengilly's for February's DLB and recap of the big day."

w00t!!! indeed!!! Thanks, Whitney!

As I posted on New West, CNN is projecting Obama winning Georgia this evening. The Republican race is too close to call between McCain, Romney & Huckabee. No vote tallies have been released yet in either race.

Next set of poll closings at 6 p.m., but I'll be out at dinner at that point.

There were 750+ at the caucus in Twin Falls County. The Twin Falls Senior Center holds 300; there were caucus participants in four different places by the time all was said and done. Obama took 71 percent on the first ballot and 11 of our 15 state delegates.

We heard Obama had a clean sweep of delegates in Ada County. Can anyone confirm?

Yes indeed, that's a fact. Obama swept all the delegates here in Ada, and Idaho is giving Obama his biggest margin anywhere (though Georgia and Illinois were HUGE, too).

Wow, great turnout for Twin Falls. I am proud of all of you!!

So, nationally speaking, it looks like a draw. Obama is winning far more states, and with some big margins, but Clinton is getting the biggest prizes including NY and CA.

So I guess we fight on ...

Current state tallies according to CNN:

Obama (13)-Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota & Utah;
Clinton (8)-Arizona, Arkansas, California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma & Tennessee;

McCain (9)-Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey, New York & Oklahoma;
Huckabee (5)-Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee & West Virginia;
Romney (6)-Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota & Utah.

According to the MSM (aka CNN), these results can be considered successes by Obama, Clinton & McCain. Huckabee is a huge winner and Romney is a huge loser, in terms of overall influence on the eventual decision. We should start to expect a McCain/Huckabee ticket for us to defeat in November.

BTW, over 11,000,000 Democrats voted nationwide today (but not me :-( ). The difference between Clinton and Obama is about 75,000 votes (Clinton 49% to Obama 48%).

It looks like we had 20,000 Democrats caucus here in Idaho - about four times the number in 2004. That's astounding.

Chuck Todd on MSNBC just said that after tonight, Clinton probably has a 59-delegate lead, and that Obama can probably make a serious dent in that in the Feb 9 contests (WA, NE, LA).

Congratulations for the big turnout in the Idaho caucuses today. That is exciting news. It looks like Obama's visit to Idaho paid off and brought in a lot of new people.

Suddenly the Washington caucuses on Saturday become important. Obama is already running ads here. Our family will be going.

Hi Chris! Yes, Washington is VERY important, and as a caucus state, it ought to be great for Obama. We'll eagerly await the results there.

I spoke to my family back in Pennsylvania this morning. They all saw the same thing I saw. PA, TX, VA, OH and WA are now very much in play. The first three are even more critical and here's why. Look at the map of states Senator Clinton won. These were, for the most part, traditional Democratic states (NY, CA, MA, MI, etc). Another point to look at, look at the turnout for Senator Obama in a loosing effort, he was still well within the 42-49% range of the vote.
Now, look at the states Senator Obama won. They are traditional "Red" states (Idaho included). Now, look at the lopsided victories by Senator Obama there (62% plus of the vote).
That tells me two things. One, if Senator Clinton wins the nomination, we have the status quo for the same states for the general election and no shot in traditional red states. On the flipside, if Senator Obama is the victor, not only do we have the traditional "Blue" states but we have the "Red" very much in play as well.
Now we have to start making calls to friends and families in those states and make sure they recognize this as well.
I can proudly say I am an Idahoan today. Thank you to everyone who came out. We can make the change, THIS YEAR!

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