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March 03, 2008


Awesome write up, Julie! It was great, as always, to see you.

And you as well, Tara. Thanks!

I just noticed how well Markos' shirt went with that coat.

Say, for anyone wondering, we *will* have an Ohio-Texas prediction thread up later this morning. Check back around 11 a.m.

I had a blast. Thanks! markos

Hey! Thank YOU (and thanks for stopping by ...)

Thanks for coming to Idaho. It was great to hear your take on the rise of democratic politics across the country and how our ‘06 Grant for Congress race played outside of our state. We are working hard to surpass our last election results through the intrepid tasks of grassroots organizing. Your help in '06 in that undertaking was deeply appreciated.
Glad to see that you made it home safely. Hope you can visit again.
Colleen Fellows
PS – Any word yet on the level of flame resistance of that smart looking jacket? You might be able to donate it to NASA for new heat shields on the next series of shuttles.

Please visit my website and together we will pick a nominee for the First Congressional District:


Question No. 1 for our candidates:
Last year, on multiple occasions, Congress voted on bills that would cut funding for the war in Iraq/required Bush to start withdrawing troops. How would you have voted on those bills, had you been in Congress? Looking ahead, what is the maximum length of time our troops should remain in Iraq? What will you do to get the troops out of Iraq and out of foreign, costly wars?

Is there a question you would like the candidates to answer? Let me know at the site!

Hey, here's a fun exercise – two candidates for Senate, seeking to fill Larry "Wide Stance" Craig's seat. Which one seems more in touch with the problems facing working class Idahoans? Hah!!

as opposed to


and in conclusion:


Oddly, because it is Idaho, it's still a contest – make your own choice and send your dollars to whoever you think deserves them most

Hint: http://actblue.com/entity/fundraisers/17920

What say we get it up to $100K by end of March? This guy has one of the best "purple state potentials" in the nation, it seems to me. Any thoughts?

To the kind gentleman who requested a photo of Larry with Kos: I sadly set your business card down on the same table where we were sorting surplus lit. I am sorry to report that it was lost in the shuffle. Please let me know if you still need anything, you can find me at the campaign website on the staff page.
Colleen Fellows

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