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March 20, 2008


Pickles in Arco

Black Angus in Swan Valley

Relay Station outside of St. Anthony

I used to enjoy Big Jud's, but they really went down hill for me lately.

Frosty Mug place (I'm not sure that is the real name) in Ashton.

Anywhere with a good huckleberry shake in the Bear Lake area.

The pizza place in Challis.

We interrupt this bodacious food thread with the news that Bill Richardson is going to endorse Barack Obama in Portland today. I've asked Lane to put up a post.

Also, remember that TODAY is the final filing date for 2008 candidates,and there are many Dem slots still open. More on that later, too. But guess which blogger is claiming that wingnuts are absolutely clamoring for him to run in the GOP primary against the evil Tim Corder?


The two road trip restaurants I can add -- unfortunately, I don't know their names, but how many can there be in these locations? -- is the diner in Athol along 95, and the diner in Grandview down in Owyhee County that I discovered taking the long scenic way back from Twin rather than getting on 84.

Thank you, candidate Sharon!!!

Here's bonus points for dining at the El Gallo Giro at either Garden city or Kuna--

It's owned by the Prado family in Canyon County, and they're very active in Democratic Party politics and are strong supporters of Democratic candidates out there. Patronize their restaurants and help support good candidates...it doesn't get any better than that!

We had a staff dinner one evening at their restaurant in Garden City--good food.

OK, here's a question on Mexican food for you roadies and foodies. As everyone knows, Mexican food is like Chinese food in that it is has regional variations. I moved here from Santa Fe and still miss some of those northern New Mexico specialties--especially carne adovada. (I recommend Maria's if you're ever in Santa Fe).

Any tips on any restaurants that serve some of those northern NM regional dishes?

mmmm, red or green? The best part about going to New Mexico to work on the Howard Dean campaign -- well, I guess I should say it's the second-best part -- was the food.

Green, definitely green.

Ya gotta be in Santa Fe or Taos in the fall during chili harvest when the vendors set up their roasters around town and start roasting the green chilis for sale. That smell is indescribable but memorable.

Best time of year there.

I can't speak to the New Mexico chili question (though there was a restaurant in Twin Falls that specialized in NM-style cuisine ... it's gone now).

But it is GREAT to know that the El Gallo Giro folks are good Dems. All the more reason to eat there.

I'm a big fan of the Sage Mountain Grill in Albion. Really off the beaten path, though. Equally good is Stevos in Heyburn. When the little bro and I were in Moscow we loved this place called the Breakfast Club. I'm with d2 on the Bistro (mostly because he introduced me to the kettle chips) and both the Greek place and the Indian place in Pocatello are to die for.

Don, I'm glad you brought that up, that's one of my little pet peeves; "Mexican food", although you might be giving people too much credit when you say "as everyone knows"!. There is so much more to it than beans, rice and overstuffed enchiladas.

Personally, I'm more of a Yucatecan kind of guy, lots of fruit, pork and seafood. I really wish we could get a place around here to serve some Yucatecan food. Until then, I have to make it myself.

I will put my vote in that El Gallo Giro is the best "Mexican" restaurant in the valley, really great stuff.

Julie - as to your original question... While the food isn't anything really special, we make it a point to stop at Vigilantes when we are staying in Donnelly or passing through to McCall. I really love that place, good times on Friday nights!

For a nice trip in the Valley, we like The Blue Canoe every once in a while, although it's been awhile, we need to make that trip again soon!

Also, for one of the best burgers in the valley we like Cook's Two Hole in Melba.

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