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March 19, 2008


That is news. But it looks like we may be late anyways. But it appears that won't be the only event hosting the candidates. Matt Singer has more on that and on the difficulties getting tickets. Click my name.

Hmmm. I didn't know about the event until my husband called me this morning. He is working in Great Falls now, and has actually been working in Montana since last September. I checked the website as soon as I heard, and saw that the event was sold out. I decided to call the state party and was surprised to have a human answer the phone and tell me that additional tickets had just become available on the website. So, clickety-click, I got two tickets with no server problems. I had a harder time getting a room reservation than the tickets.

I'm sorry that locals who had been anxiously awaiting a chance for tickets got shut down this morning. But, not sorry enough that I'd give up my tickets. I'm getting a major two-for. I get to see my darlin' for the first time in two months, and we get to go to a fantastic political event.

Hopefully they can continue to expand seating to accommodate the demand. Surely they're not surprised at the interest, especially for Montana.

Regardless, this is so exciting! Montana and Idaho are for once on the national political map. But, I'm starting to think that Colbert (or Sewart) was right when they said the nomination will come down to the caucus results in Guam and American Samoa! Where's my xanax?

Xanax. You crack me up, sister.

Good, cuz it's mutual, Sis :)

BTW, do you remember waaaay back on the Boise Guardian, I predicted that Risch would run for Craig's seat, and you scoffed, saying Risch was set on the Governor's mansion and would never go to that DC cesspool? Dang, I should have bet a beer or something.

To be fair, your subsequent prognostications have been much more accurate than mine. But I have to glory in being right at least once in a while, eh?

Oh, the joy of politics.

Yeah you're dead on. He surprised even his progeny on his change of direction. It taught me a valuable lesson that I'm ashamed to have learned the hard way, never underestimate the ambition of an egocentric politician, especially when he tells you otherwise. I'd still be happy to buy you that beer somewheres on the campaign trail. I'll be the one with a mouthful of crow.

Wow, how about that.

Maybe if we start electing Dems statewide, we can get a double bill like this for one of our dinners, too.

Montana rocks. I saw Matt Singer in DC and I don't think he knew about it as of Sunday, when I last saw him.

Mmmm, crow. OK, let's both buy and round, and have a toast to the Blogmother.

Uh... spit dances on a hot griddle.

Just saying.

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