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March 02, 2008


Well, the muse was indeed wandering the banquet and smacked you good. Nice write up.

Why, thank ye!

The muse didn't smack me until late Sunday afternoon. I was taking a walk when it finally dawned on me that there was nothing more important out of this weekend than encouraging more and better Democrats to run this year.

If this manages to shake loose even one or two candidates, I will be extremely pleased. But the more, the merrier. I hope that many of the 2006 candidates will try again, too. Many Democrats lost legislative seats by only a few percent last time. (Click my name for the 2006 results.)

Given what we saw at the caucuses, it's not going to be hard to pick up another two, three, four or even five hundred votes in many districts this time around. That could mean another five or six seats for Dems.

In 2004 there were caucuses in all 44 counties. I don't understand why there is a short term memory loss over that fact...

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