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March 12, 2008


Deborah, thanks for the update. "We're here," and how! As a former 15-year resident of Twin Falls, I am VERY excited to see all that's going on in your part of the state.

Idaho Falls shocked the state political landscape by electing a Dem state legislator (Jerry Shively) in 2006, the first time that had happened in decades. I have a feeling Twin Falls will produce the next big surprise. I do hope you can convince folks to run for the legislature in what ought to be a very good year for Dems in TF County.

I do see that Leon Smith decided to run again. On one hand, that's a shame since an open seat opportunity would've been great for TF. On the other hand, Leon is one of the most reasonable Republicans we have in the legislature.

Everyone, mcjoan did a really good article at New West on Twin Falls County and the rise of Democratic enthusiasm across the state. Click my name to see that.

I was under the impression for some time that there would be one, and possibly two, vacancies in District 24. Alas, not this year. Leon Smith, Charles Coiner and Sharon Block are all running again.

I'm one of the 21 precinct committeemen on the ballot in Twin Falls County. From what I understand there were a grand total of _two_ elected precinct committeepeople in Twin Falls County in 2006, so that's a massive improvement right there.

Right on, Lane.

I really hope to see some Dems file for those Dist 24 seats before next Friday, too. Remember what Parang Mehta said: it's not the races we lose that kill us ... it's the races we don't run.

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