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April 20, 2008


What he and Scott are defending is our system of justice. In this day when torture is openly authorized at the highest levels of government it would be nice to think America can still number itself among the civilized nations in the world. I believe this trial will be just that for our nation, a trial, where the reprehensible acts of the accused will be weighed against the moral authority behind the conduct that brought the accused before this tribunal. I fully expect Scott and David will be holding up a big old mirror for us to look at and I hope we are prepared for our Dorian Gray moment.

Lately, there hasn't been much to make me proud to be an Idahoan. This, however, makes my patriotic heart swell. I admire their courage for taking this difficult case, and stand behind them in their belief that justice only works when it works for the unpopular and the poor.

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