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April 10, 2008


Ouch. OK. Onward.

This is a selfless, classy and unifying decision by Larry Grant. Kudos to him, and I appreciate his efforts in running for office twice.

wow - blinks

that is leadership!


Nicely put, Julie.

Count me as a sad panda who understands his reasoning.

I'm also disappointed; I know Larry would have been a great Congressman. Still, if he wants us to support Walt, I'll do it -- whatever it takes to defeat Bill Sali in November.

The thing I really liked about Larry is that he understands about how the world really works. I hope Walt has similar wisdom.

I looked forward to Dems dominating some headlines for the next two months. Alas. I was convinced that Larry had networked pretty well and would improve on his record last time but was quite concerned on his ability to fundraise especially if Club for Growth is going to be Sali's sugar daddy again. Go Walt!

I was extremely saddened by this announcement today. I fully backed Larry and recognize his strong abilities to be a great Congressman. I pray we have not heard the last from Larry. I truely believe he will make a great representative for us sometime down the road.

Big ups for Larry on a diary posted today at Daily Kos. Click my name.

Debbie Holmes told me about this when I was in Boise today. I was stunned.

I guess this means I don't have to wait until 28 May to make an endorsement here. Go Walt!

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