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April 19, 2008


Thanks go out to everyone who participated and made this event successful!

1st Congressional District candidate Walt Minnick, who - like Barack Obama - attended Harvard Law - said something at the rally that bears repeating:

Obama was president of the Harvard Law Review. Normally, that means two things: an automatic ticket to clerk for the Supreme Court justice of your choice *and* a six-figure starting salary at a major law firm.

But Obama chose a different path, returning to community organizing work in Chicago. That speaks to the character - and the compassion - Obama has shown throughout his public life, and that character and compassion would set the tone for his presidency and for a new chapter in American politics.

Debbie Holmes, the 2nd Congressional District candidate, noted how that although Obama wants to focus on the real issues facing American families, the media seem more interested in talking about preachers and flag pins. She said that Republicans know these wedge issues are the only way they can win, but that if the candidates can focus on the housing crisis, the war in Iraq, health care, and education, Democrats will win.

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