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April 04, 2008


Thanks, Julie, for the Obama, south Bronx video. It's a far cry from the Bronx I visited in the early 70's, and I intend to show it to my sociology class. Race is still so much with us these days, and yet, because we see ourselves as not really racist, then if we examine how we stereotype people, if we examine our own prejudices, if we examine what we want for our children, and if we examine our own Idaho white privilege, it becomes clearly evident that we still have steep mountains to climb. Especially here in Idaho....


Screening this would truly be a gift to your students. I think many of our children - having grown up in a more multiracial society - are less prejudiced than previous generations. Yet if most of the people of color they see are still on TV, stereotypes persist. As for white privilege, it's scarcely recognized in a state as homogenous as ours.

It's probably worth noting that these students are from a "performance and stagecraft" magnet school, thus they may not be representative of the Bronx as a whole. Still, I loved the video and applaud the teacher and the students for talking the talk, then walking the walk.

I'd invite your students to come here to RSR and write about their impressions of the video, if they want to do that.

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