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May 21, 2008


(Also posted at 43SB, but worth repeating)

With this race, I think it ultimately comes down to how the candidates are running. In addition to campaigning in Boise, Debbie has made or will make appearances in Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, Pocatello, Blaine County and even Salmon before the primary. I've heard rumors that David Sneddon is campaigning, but he skipped major events like the Truman Dinner in Idaho Falls and the League of Women Voters debate.

Between living in Twin Falls and working in Boise, I've attended several Democratic events in both places over the past few weeks. Debbie has been at nearly every one of them. By contrast, I have yet to meet David Sneddon.

Debbie is the quintessential first-time candidate, but she has gone out of her way to meet up with Democrats throughout the 2nd District. Sneddon has been extremely standoffish with Democrats, possibly even ambivialent towards them.

I have no problem with Sneddon being a "blue dog" Democrat. Frankly we could use a few more active blue dogs around here. My problem with him is that he appears to be running against Democrats and/or in spite of Democrats rather than with them. Sure, Richard Stallings was a conservative Democrat too, but he never, ever ran against Democrats like this.

Regardless of who the nominee is, no one is under the delusion that running against Mike Simpson will be anything other than an extremely tough uphill climb. Nominating someone who has demonstrated time and again that he is not a pragmatic team player just makes it that much harder for everyone else trying to build a coherent organization.

On the issues, Debbie offers a sharp contrast to Mike Simpson. Believe it or not, there are plenty of people in the 2nd CD who oppose the war, support health care reform, and support taking steps to fix the real estate crisis. Debbie has addressed all of these issues and then some. I haven't seen Sneddon offer anything other than grandstanding and gimmicks. One may not agree with everything Debbie says, but one can't deny she's considerably the more substantive candidate in this primary.

So what it boils down to is this. Here in the 2nd CD we as Democrats can nominate a hard-working, thoughtful candidate who's gone out of her way to demonstrate she's on our side, or we can nominate a candidate with a paper-thin platform and who appears to work against his party's own base. I'll support whoever comes out of this (I'm not taking the route Sneddon did six years ago), but in the primary the choice is crystal clear. Nominate Debbie Holmes on Tuesday.

Lane, this is as good a critique of the race as I've seen. Thank you for posting it here as well as at 43SB.

I will definitely vote for Debbie!

However, could I trouble you for some info on how and where I am able to vote next Tuesday?

You'd think this info would be more widely publicized.

Oh wait, is that even my district? is there a link to a map of the district lines somewhere?

Vote at your normal polling place. CD2 is basically everything east of Cole Rd. in Boise (with the exception of Boise County) to the eastern border of the state. Without knowing where you live I couldn't help you on where you vote. Here is a link http://nationalatlas.gov/printable/congress.html

Thanks for the link.

Well, I live right next to BSU. Does this mean that I can't vote against Sali(Ooops, I mean for Minnick), but that my Aunt and friends out in Kuna can?

I live on Longmont right next to BSU. I typed in my address at the idahovotes.org but it just came up as an error. If need be, I can always e-mail my address to Julie, but I'm hesitant to post it in open forum.

Reggie, You live in District 2. That means you can vote for me :) I don't know where your poling place is. Here is a link: http://idahovotes.gov/YourPollingPlace/WhereDoIVote.aspx


Longmont Ave. north of Highland is Precinct 87 and between Highland and Boise Ave is Precinct 88. I am not certain but I believe that you vote over at the Parkcenter Mall.

As for your aunt and friends in Kuna, they certainly can vote against Bill Sali (either next week or in November).

Thanks, I found it now. You were right Irwin, my polling place is the Parkcenter Mall.

Debbie- you have two assured votes next Tuesday(My girlfriend and I). I wonder if I'll be able to convince anyone else to show up.

Now I've just got to get to work on making sure everyone I know out in Kuna votes against Sali.

Julie, chiming in late here ... thanks to Debbie and Irwin for helping Reggie find out where to vote.

Reggie (and anyone else who has moved since you last voted, or who might be voting for the first time next week): Be sure to bring proof of your current address to the polls next Tuesday. If you don't yet have your current address on your driver's license, a utility bill, rent receipt, or checkbook will do. ... anything that verifies your current address.

You CAN register - or change your address - right at the polls, but be prepared to spend a few extra minutes to get that done.

The polls are open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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