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May 16, 2008



You forgot to mention Camp Wellstone this weekend in Caldwell. Also on Sunday is Zoo Boise. I'll be at the IGE tomorrow afternoon running the film room and at the Zoo on Sunday giving folks a view of our home star, the Sun through specially filtered telescopes (we'll be set up near the Zebra exhibit).

Didn't forget Camp Wellstone, but I figure it's probably too late to sign up. I'll look forward to reports on Sunday from people who did go. (I attended in 2006 and it was great.)

Thanks for mentioning Zoo Daze. More details here:


Also, this film is showing at the Flicks at 9:10 p.m. Friday through Sunday:


You can check out the Camp Wellstone action via Podcasts and live blogs at:


So far, so good. Interesting topics, thought provoking assignments and, believe it or not, good food at the Simplot Dining Hall. Tasty real, mashed taters and crisp-tender asparagus, definitely not BSU food.

Good to have folks up from Twin Falls and Pocatello, as well as from Colorado, Oregon and Montana. Check out the website and see what rabble we'll be rousing.

Shakes head and again Sali is a fool -- and Minnick is the BETTER choice to serve in DC ..

quote from the Statesman:
"This is another example of Bill Sali just not getting it right," said Minnick's campaign spokesman, John Foster. "The people of Idaho deserve a congressman who pays attention to details."

current hoopla link here:



Bill Sali is completely right in this latest, and all other, brouhahas. ( http://billsalifan.blogspot.com/2008/05/bill-sali-stands-up-for-constitution.html )
It's the Anti-Sali Socialists who can't understand his towering intellect who keep everyone from recognizing the brilliance that the "Hero of the Owyhees" brings to our state.

Bill Sali Fan -- enjoy your koolaid it is going to be a warm weekend.

on to REAL NEWS --

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Sen. Edward Kennedy, a leading Democrat, was rushed to a hospital in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, with symptoms of a stroke, CNN reported on Saturday. Kennedy, 76, was taken to the hospital early in the morning, CNN reported.


Kennedy update --

they are saying a seizure and not a stroke as originally reported


How about the fact that Obama and his campaign are getting pretty obsessive about telling their donors to not give any money to third party groups, including the good ones? I know Obama is the candidate of change, but I was hoping that didn't mean a change of job status for me.

JDem -- care to elaborate???

I for one have not heard this and it makes me say what?


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