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June 18, 2008


Ooooh, classy site for that kickoff party, Debbie. Good choice. I will try to stop by and I hope others will, too. Thanks for your weekly updates.

What happened to the blue sign, Debbie?

We have a few of them but we need more money to do a large printing. Some people are thinking of a key to represent the key to Idaho's future. We now have enough to print palm cards and bumper stickers. Unlike Mr. Bush and the Republicans we do not spend money we don't have.

Maybe what was meant is why is your logo on here reverted back to the prototype and not the blue signs everyone seemed to like? I would say also switching messages to a key from the mountain is a little too hokey and I would stick with the mountains and the blue because it has a classier and eco-friendly feel. But then again I am biased. :)

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