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June 18, 2008


Zeb likely believes "there's no such thing as bad publicity", so the best way we can make our case heard is to pull advertising from that station. If his show isn't generating revenue (or leads to a revenue loss,) that's when they'll start caring about the garbage he's spewing.

Anyone who has access to the show should listen and contact the advertisers directly, letting them know we won't be patronizing them till they pull their ads.

Thanks for the insights and how there is a long, sad history of this hate radio in the valley.

I suggest that we take this bipartisan issue where it naturally belongs

Please contact your churches, write a letter in your church newsletter, and/or ask your pastor, priest, or rabbi to stand on boycotting KBAR.

Here is a link on what the United Methodists have just passed on anti-immigration.


This issue goes across party lines and denominations.

Julie is right...Idaho is better than this.

Yes Chryssa we make that case. I give the contact list of his advertisers at 43sb. Please, everyone, tell them what you think. I'm hoping for some follow up of yesterday's show from anyone in the Magic Valley.

I would also like to publicly thank advertisers that pull their ads from Bell's show. So if any of you know which businesses have done this (I understand several have and others are considering it), please list them here.

And I applaud the idea of faith communities taking a stand as well. Thanks.

I don't know of any specific advertisers that have in fact pulled their sponsorship. I've heard of a few that were considering it, but none that actually took that leap.

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