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June 03, 2008


Might be a tad premature.

Better than idle speculation about Obama's VP choice.

As tough as it is to die hard Obama supporters (and Clinton loyalists), now is the time to play a part in bringing the Democratic Party together. We all need to put aside the bitterness and frustration that has built(on both sides)during the past several months. It is time to unify. We have our work cut out for us in the general.

Amen to that, LC.

Interesting speculation - which Obama hinted at last night - that Hillary Clinton may well wind up the point woman for getting universal health care passed in an Obama administration, either in the cabinet or in the Senate.


And how do you like John Edwards as attorney general and Joe Biden as secretary of state? It seems that Obama is serious about using the Lincoln "Team of Rivals" approach to selecting those who will serve in an Obama White House.

Adding to your Cabinet Julie; Sec. of Defense Wes Clark and Sec. of the Interior Brian Schweitzer.

Webb for VP.

So are we taking talk on who may be the VP for Obama? anyone have ideas? I hear he set a group that included Caroline Kennedy, to help choose one...


The team of rivals thing worked perfectly for Lincoln, and Obama seems to have a similar, calming, personality that might make it work.

t, when I heard that Obama had named Caroline Kennedy to his vetting team, my immediate thought was that SHE should be VP. But then again, that would smack too much of what Dick Cheney did in 2000 - head the vetting team and conclude that he was the obvious choice. Sheesh.

I definitely like Wes Clark as Sec Defense. Schweitzer would be brilliant at Interior, or at Energy.

Or let's see Van Jones for energy secretary! (Google him ...)

It looks like Senator Clinton will concede on Friday:


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