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June 03, 2008


Here's the story as of 10:30 p.m. ...

Montana (39% reporting)
Obama 58%
Clinton 40%

South Dakota (98% reporting)
Clinton 55%
Obama 45%

But those were afterthoughts. NBC declared Obama the presumptive nominee about 7 p.m., and the reaction at Legends in Boise was *electric*.

I brought my teen-age daughter - who will be able to re-elect Obama in 2012 - to experience the event. Our whole way home, we drove east toward an amazing rainbow, vibrant in hue and visible from end to end. It was a fitting end to a historic day, and a hint of the promise this year holds.

"The cliche is, 'we are watching history being made.' But that's not quite it, not tonight, not for us. We are part of making history. We will remember this evening for the rest of our lives." - DarkSyde at DailyKos, June 3, 2008

Here are some reviews comparing the speeches both McCain and Obama made last night to kick off the general election:


Considering that this didn't even rank among Obama's Top 5 speeches (those would probably be 2004, Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and the Philly "more perfect union" speech), it's safe to say that McSame has his rhetorical work cut out for him.

But we musn't be fooled: the GOP and its allied 527s will stop at nothing to try and keep the big government liberal Barack Hussein Obama from becoming president. Fortunately, hope should outweigh fear this time around.

so anyone guessing on who McBush is choosing for a veep?


Looks like you have competition!


Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, and, um, someone else were summoned to meetings with McCain a few weeks ago.

Re: http://redstaterebels.org/

So that book finally came out. I heard it was in the pipeline in early 2007 and was a little miffed. I wrote the authors asking whether they could at least acknowledge the original RSR somewhere, so it'll be interesting to see if they have, either in the book or on their website.

Guess I should've trademarked long ago ...

By the way, I shopped around a book proposal titled "Red State Rebels: How Democrats Can Win in All 50 States" a few years ago, too. Unfortunately, I simply don't have enough of a national platform and I couldn't get a publisher or an agent interested. It also was right around the time several similar books by bigger-name writers had been purchased, so ... ah well.

It actually looks like a cool book, more on environmental issues than politics. But I do have to think that since Joshua Frank's bio note says he was born and raised in Montana, he knows damn well that they didn't pick the most original title in the world. This RSR still comes up first in Google searches, and that's all that matters.

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