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June 27, 2008


I got this via en email from Idaho Public TV. Sorry I didn't spot it until Friday morning, but it re-airs Sunday ...

IdahoPTV DIALOGUE Discusses Proposed
University of Idaho Law School Expansion

— Airs Thursday, June 26, at 8:30/7:30 p.m. MT/PT
— Repeats Sunday, June 29, at 5:30/4:30 p.m. MT/PT

On this week’s edition of DIALOGUE, host Marcia Franklin talks with Don Burnett, the dean of the University of Idaho Law School. For nearly 100 years, the law school has resided solely in Moscow. The Idaho State Board of Education has authorized the school to proceed with an implementation plan for a Boise location. The expansion would increase the number of students at the school from 296 to 500, and would require additional private and public funding, including higher student fees and tuition.

Dean Burnett appears on Thursday’s live show (June 26, 8:30/7:30 p.m. MT/PT) to discuss the rationale for expanding the law school to Boise, as well as the proposed timeline and funding for the initiative. During the live call-in show on Thursday at 8:30/7:30 p.m. MT/PT, he and Franklin will take calls from viewers on a toll-free line: 1-800-973-9800.

Questions are also accepted through e-mail in advance of the Thursday show (dialogue@idahoptv.org) or through the DIALOGUE Web site (idahoptv.org/dialogue). (No call-ins are accepted on the high-definition [HD] TV airing at 9:30/8:30 p.m. MT/PT Thursday or the Sunday repeat at 5:30/4:30 p.m. MT/PT.)

Burnett, an Idaho native, has been dean of the law school since 2002. His legal career started in 1971, when he served as a clerk to the Chief Justice of the Idaho Supreme Court. Burnett was also an assistant attorney general for the state of Idaho before forming his own private practice in Pocatello. A former president of the Idaho State Bar, in 1982 he was appointed to the Idaho Court of Appeals. He won another term in 1986. In 1990, Burnett was chosen the dean of the law school at the University of Louisville, in Kentucky, and at the U of I in 2002.

For those who didn't see my comment in another thread, just a reminder that the annual Bogus Basin Star Party is Saturday evening starting at 7 p.m. and running until midnight. For more information you can click my name and read my post at 6degrees Astroblog.

You are quick, Irwin. I was going to go looking for that. Thanks very much.

Speaking of fundraising, Diana Marie Painter has a post at 43SB on how she's trying to raise money to get to Netroots Nation, which is the new incarnation of the YearlyKos confab, set for Austin in mid-August. She has a scholarship to cover her expenses there, but it doesn't include travel.

Click my name to see how you can help her out.

I can personally attest to Diana Painter's commitment to the Democratic Party. Any money donated to Diana would not be wasted. She has spent countless hours helping candidates, the party, and progressive issues. I am proud to call her a fellow Democrat and even prouder to call her my friend.

I erred on the timing of Netroots Nation. It's mid-July. So step up and buy Diana a "beer" (see her post) or two to help with her expenses.

Thanks for the endorsement, JDem!

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