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June 24, 2008


Great post, John, and enjoy your time at Josie's Full of Beans - one of my favorite new discoveries for the 7th edition of Idaho Off the Beaten Path, just out. The biking up there is amazing, too.

Wallace and Kellogg are both towns that have gone a long way toward turning their dependence on natural resources toward new, more diversified economies with plenty of private-sector creativity and entrepreneurial energy. But this takes time and - as you say - the federal government's assistance has helped these land-rich but cash-poor rural communities ease the transition.

It was appalling to see Sali turn his back on Northern Idaho with his recent vote. I know that as a former timber products executive, Walt Minnick has a far better understanding of the region's old and new economies than Sali. It's good to know he's getting his message out in the Silver Valley.

Wow I wish I would have known that Walt was in town, I would have loved to have sat down with him and discussed the issues.

Best of Luck Walt -I hope to see you sometime when you are back in the Silver Valley.

P.S. Enjoy Josie's - I go there every morning before work.

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